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Dyed Leather with Different Color Threads Stitched Onto the Leather-MTR Custom Leather Color Options

Have you ever wondered what different color threads would look like on all of our different color leather options? 

We get asked a lot for pictures of different leather colors with certain thread colors. And what does each thread color look like.

Well we listen to you!

Hopefully, this chart will give you an idea of what thread colors look good on certain leather dyes. Maybe this will help you with choosing the right color combination. Keep in mind, that the colors may be slightly different in person on each item.


MTR Custom Leather, LLC HAND dyes each leather to the certain color that you choose (saddle tan, dark brown, black and mahogany). With that being said, each piece of leather that we dye comes from a REAL ANIMAL (cow, horse, exotic leather). Each animal has different grains of skin, meaning they have different pores on there skin, just like humans beings.


That means that the leather dye will either absorb/penetrated a lot of dye (soak it up like a sponge) or not.

Large Pores-Darker color

Small Pores-Lighter color

Unfortunately we can not tell the size of pores on each animal skin with our eyes. It take a microscope to determine the size of pores.


Black is the best choice to choose if you are worried about matching a belt, holster and ammo pouch.

Find out more color combinations on holsters, belts, ammo pouches and more on our social media.

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