MTR Custom Leather Happy Halloween 🎃 coupon inside. Holsters for lasers, lights, red dots and more!

Front Pocket holster is great for the cold months! Custom leather holsters for lasers, lights, red dots, threaded barrels, suppressor sights & more! @viridianweapontech @streamlightinc @streamlightpro @crimsontrace @lasermax_products @armalaser_inc @glockinc @glockstore @inforcel__ @insighttacticalllc @laserlyte @limalasers @olightworld @olightactical @olight.uk @olight.sg @olightservice @olight.korea @surefire_llc @truglobrasil @truglo

Make today great this Monday Morning- let’s be Positive with happy vibes!

Life is too short to waste it being ill, grumpy 😡 or upset! Don’t let someone steal your joy today! You are in control of your mood, actions and attitude! Don’t let someone change it!

“A merry heart doeth good like medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones”. Proverbs 17:22

Happy National Coffee Day with MTR Custom Leather

Happy National Coffee Day! ☕️ We like to have an excuse-not that we needed one! #mtrcl #nationalcoffeeday

MTR CUSTOM LEATHER- Military Grade directional snap CLOSURE-HOW TO

Our product is designed with a heavy duty Military Grade directional snap to ensure a permanent fixture on the belt until you want to unsnap the holster. Directional snaps can only be snapped one way or they could break. The snap must be rocked on at an angle from top to bottom or bottom to top.

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVbXKAdV3U8

Pet safety tips for July 4th, Protect your animals

July 4th Safety Tips for Animal Owners:

Keep your pets inside during celebration 

Make sure your pet wears an identification tag

Watch out for unsafe food and decorations 

Use the professional service of a pet sitter if you are away from home

Use otc calming medicine if your pet gets anxiety or stress during loud fireworks 

If you are kenneling your pet during the fireworks due to loud noice, put a piece of your clothing to help them fill comfort and safe. The smell of there owner can make them fill safe. 

While the pets are inside play some soft relaxing music or leave the tv on to help void out the loud sounds 

Take your per for a long walk before the celebration to help wear them out, so they can rest better during the celebration.

If you are leaving your animal outside, make sure there food and water is not in a metal bowl in the sun. This can heat up in the hot sun and cause them not to drink or eat and possible cause pain to the mouth. Make sure they are in a shady place and cool. Use a cooling mat if needed. 

Love on your pets before leaving to re- assure them, for that last minute comfort! Pets are like humans, so treat them like one! 

Happy July 4th Everyone! We hope you all enjoy a safe day filled with lots family fun times! Be blessed for Today because we are not promised tomorrow! GOD is good all the time, all the time GOD is good! #july4th #mtrcl

July 4th Sale with MTR Custom Leather- Last day of savings. Design your own K-9 collar and leash. Bundle and save! 



Ukoala Bag Drawing Winner 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness Special Edition

We would like to give everyone a big thank you who participated in the drawing for the Ukoala Bag and took time to give us a review! We choose a automatic raffle app to do the drawing fairly! It’s recorded.. and the #1 WINNER IS DAWN REEVES. Congratulations!

MTR Custom Leather here to design your holster to your dreams!

Matching letter from holster to weapon. Anything is possible! You design and we build it! Endless possibilities! Create your new leather product today! #mtrcl

I’m on Instagram as mtrcustomleather. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1kkp6natycy59&utm_content=9myz3d


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