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Black Label A-5 — MTR Custom Leather

Features:   Upgraded Full Black Tiger Shark with a burnt red full stingray inlay (water resistant and scratch resistant) Double layer reinforced mouth piece provides easy eyes off reholstering Custom Hand-Molded to each firearm of choice for better retention Full Combat grip accessibility allows an instant shooting grip Molded sight rail to prevent snags on draw Full slide/barrel coverage Butt-forward cant allows effective concealment Wide platform to enable contouring of the holster for better concealment Fits belts up to 1 3/4″ single layer or nylon belts


Source: Black Label A-5 — MTR Custom Leather

Just Joined the SigTalk Forum Today? Have You? P229, red dot, what OWB leather holster? – SIG Talk

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I broke down and bought a P229 slide with as new Trijicon RMR mounted (spur of the moment and good price on another forum). I’m happy with metal

Source: P229, red dot, what OWB leather holster? – SIG Talk

How to conceal a weapon while driving?-MTR Custom Leather tells all…Holster options for carrying a weapon in a vehicle or sitting. 

Concealment while walking is easier than driving in a vehicle. While it may be challenging to conceal your weapon when driving, there are a few things to consider doing to better assist you with concealing your weapon while driving.

Logically, first thing you think of is housing your weapon in a glove box or some sort of compartment in the vehicle. It’s a better fitment and comfortable for you. It’s the perfect shape and compartment to store a weapon and conceal it and it’s not too hard to access. While storing the weapon in the compartment, it should be retained in some sort of holster. The trigger of the weapon should always be covered while storing or wearing at all times. This is very important for safety reason. That’s a whole other topic. If you do decided to carry in a compartment or door compartment, please always use caution and practice drawing your weapon unloaded to work on your speed and accuracy in case of emergency. Attention and awareness should be taken to avoid excessive vibration, bouncing or movement while the vehicle is in motion or worst case scenario an accident.

On the other hand, there are many positions to carry a weapon on your body for concealment when standing, but while riding/driving may be a weird position or uncomfortable or even a struggle due to the seat belt. Wearing a holster in the appendix iwb may work for some depending on the size of the weapon and the person’s built, but for others it may not. So one may want to consider a crossdraw hip holster on the OWB like MTR’s A-8 Paddle holster. MTR’s paddle holster can be worn in several different positions due to the paddle on the back of the holster can be moved to adjust the ride height and the cant of the holster by easily using a screw driver. Being that it is a paddle holster, one can take on and off the holster fairly easily due to it clips inside of the pants while the holster sits on the OWB. A forward cant on a holster, can make it easier to sit and drive in a vehicle. Some may call this position an FBI cant or others call it a crossdraw.  MTR dose offer an A-1C Crossdraw holster that slides onto a belt and is about a 10-15 degree cant forward. This type of cant clears the direction of the seat belt and puts no pressure on the hip or gut while driving/sitting.

 A-3A Tuckable Adversay with Ulticlip3 Crossdraw IWB 

 A-8 Paddle

When driving a vehicle and trying to conceal the weapon, there are a few things to consider, one is the position of your body. Your posture can affect the comfort of a holster and concealment as well. Sitting straight up can cause pressure off the weapon and holster. Also, can cause less printing of the weapon through the shirt. A tip: some may recline the seat just a tab for better comfort and posture of the weapon on you. Secondly, keep in mind safety precautions. For instance, if you get stopped by police, one should communicate with the officer that the weapon is currently being stored in the compartment, whether it’s in a glove box, under the seat, door compartment or elsewhere BEFORE reaching for it. Upon communicating to the officer about your weapon, keep your hands in plain sight. Ask the officer how they wish to proceed about the weapon. Keep in mind that each state and country may have different laws and regulations concerning storage and concealment of weapons, whether it’s on you or being stored in a vehicle. So please do your thoroughly research before concealing your weapon.


Other Options:

 Consider a bag or purse, using MTR A-3A Tuckable Adversary with Ulticlip3 


Consider out Ukoalabags.. great for riding on bikes or motorcycles

 pocket holsters MTR B-7 Front Pocket Holster  or B-6 Back Pocket (cargo pocket, jacket pocket, etc)






Source: MTR Custom Leather,LLC

MTR Custom Leather, LLC A-1 Thoroughbred Holster Review. 

MTR Custom Leather, A-1 Thoroughbred Holster specific to each firearm. Custom design for the best comfort possible!

The Thoroughbred Holster is the most comfortable IWB Tuckable holster we offer.  People are sometimes turned away by the initial size of this holster.  But actually this holster only adds 1/8 of an inch (plus the gun’s width) to your pants. This holster wraps the body and distributes the weight of the firearm, thus giving the ability to carry a much larger frame gun while still being comfortable for all day wear. The Thoroughbred holster offers the most protection from sharp edges, safety, slide locks, and beaver tails on 1911’s. Not only does it protect you from the gun, it also protects the gun from the salts and sweat from your skin. This holster is made of 100% American horse hide and has two powder coated holster clips that are adjustable for ride height. This holster will NOT cover the full length barrel of the weapon. This holster also has a reinforced mouth for easy one handed re-holstering! As the owner and maker of this holster it is my personal favorite IWB carry holster. The holster clips can fit up to 1-1/2 gun belt (2 layer) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer).





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https://www.mtrcustomleather.comSource: MTR Custom Leather, LLC

MTR Custom Leather, LLC – YouTube – YouTube

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S.O.B. (small of the back) Defense (A-1B) Instructions

Pix 1: Front View on a belt                                                     Pix 2: Back View



The S.O.B. Defense Holster is your new and modern small of the back carry holster. This holster is very compact and is angled for a fast draw in times of emergency. This holster is meant to be worn in the small of the back outside of the pants palm in. The S.O.B. Defense holster has a reinforced leather mouth to help retain the holster opening for easy re-holstering.

The S.O.B. Defense holster comes with a retention screw underneath the trigger guard, and when needed it can be tightened up for a tighter retention for your holster. As you can see, this holster is hand-boned to the weapon of choice. The purpose of hand-boning is to show off the fine detail of the weapon on the holster, and most importantly to give a glove-tight fit when inserting your weapon. The main focus when making this holster was safety, gun retention, and comfort. The belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gun belt (2 layers 1-1/4 thick) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer web belt).



The pictures shown above are a right handed holster. The handle of the weapon should be facing towards your shooting hand. The barrel of your weapon should be facing away from your shooting hand. (Refer to picture 1). Keep in mind the holster is meant to be drawn palm in. Meaning the palm of your hand will be facing your body when drawing. On the S.O.B. defense holster, there are 2 belt slots to run your belt through. (Refer to picture 2).

How to change your A-2 Dual Purpose (Carry) holster from IWB to OWB?

 Front IWB View                                    Front View OWB View                                            Back View   

This holster gives you the best of both worlds by offering an inside the waistband (IWB) holster that converts to outside the waistband (OWB) by easily taking off our USA powder coated holster clips. When removed they reveal our molded belts slots for our famous close riding pancake. This holster has become one of our top sellers due to the versatility of having both IWB and OWB capabilities. It’s best to leave the hardware on, once the clips are off. This will help cover the stud that’s embedded into the leather and also prevent you from losing the hardware.

All of our A-2 holster has a custom combat cut for each weapon, this will aid in a faster draw of the weapon. You will also notice that we use heavy duty nylon industrial strength thread to endure great stress on the holster for long term. Don’t forget to checkout our professional slick edges. We use two pieces of leather to construct the holster’s foundation. With our profession slicking technique we conform the two edges into one single slick edge.

Each A-2 is molded specifically to each weapon of choice to sustain a great glove fit retention and detail in the holster. We only use the finest bull hide and hardware on this holster to ensure the longevity and durable wear for years to come. We reinforce the mouth for easy one handed re-holstering and to prevent collapsing while carrying IWB.

This holster by far is a great wearing holster both OWB and IWB. The A-2 is tuckable, so you can tuck your shirt behind the metal clips. The holster clips/belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gun belt(2 layer) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer). If you do a loose tuck than the shirt can come back over the metal clips to conceal them.

You can also upgrade to the NEW UltiClips3 to give you better concealment of the clips. Adding the ulticlips will give you the adjustability to position your clips for the perfect draw. Whether it be ride height or adjusting the cant of the holster. With the ulticlips you do not have to wear a belt. You can easily clamp the clips straight onto the pants or any material. Keep in mind if you are going to wear a belt, it will aid in better retention of the holster. Make sure it’s a good stiff heavy gun belt like our GB-1 gun belt.

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MTR Custom Leather Shoulder Rig Instructions – 


MTR Custom Leather shoulder rigs not only profound in concealment, function and comfort, they also accommodate changes in the user’s carrying routine. You can purchase individual horizontal or vertical shoulder holsters only to accommodate different handguns. A second holster of your choice can be added to the same shoulder rig to create a OO7 rig. All shoulder rigs comes with one holster, one double ammo pouch and ties for each.



  1. Verify contents of bag. Each shoulder rig should include: one holster, one double ammo pouch with tie downs on each.
  2. Check fit of your gun and ammo pouch, then break-in as needed. Please follow the instructions on the back of your thank you letter for a guide to break in your leather goods.



Tie-downs are designed to anchor the shoulder rig components to your gun belt. Tie-downs are optional items and are used as a matter of personal preference. You can take on the attached tie downs by easily un-snapping the directional military snap (Refer to small instruction sheet on how to work the military directional snap).

  • Tie-downs to connect ammo pouch to gun belt
  • Tie-downs to connect holster to gun belt
  • Tie-downs allows for the harness to stay in place when in movement.



  1. Put your empty shoulder rig on like you would a coat or, some prefer to put it on over there head like a t-shirt. The flexible swivel base plate located on the back of the shoulder rig with 4 screws should be centered between your shoulders blades below the base of the neck. Make sure that the natural color side of the shoulder rig is against the body and the smooth color side is facing the outside. This will allow friction and stability of the shoulder rig on your clothing. Also, sweating or body oils will not affect the natural backing. It will actually allow for a more comfortable feeling.
  2. Insert the unloaded handgun and magazine/speed loaders in there pouch.
  3. Adjust the ride height and cant position of the holster and ammo pouch to the most concealable and comfortable fit for your body type. This adjusting process of the shoulder rig is critical; spend the time to get the correct correct fit. A rig that is set up in a hurried fashion results in a sloppy fit and compromised function. Many users find it easier to have another person adjust the shoulder rig for them while they remain stationary. This can be done by adjusting the screws on the each strap of the rig. Adjusting the the holster and ammo pouch consist of 2 straps each. To angle the rig, one strap may be higher than the other strap.
  4. Once it’s fitted correctly, remove shoulder rig carefully, trying to not alter the adjustments.
  5. Secure all hardware in place. Ensure that all screws are tighten snugly. Applying a small amount of clear fingernail polish to the threads will minimize screw back-out.
  6. Put shoulder rig back on and recheck all adjustments.
  7. When you are absolutely certain of all adjustments you may trim off excess leather straps length. Please consider the following:
  1. It often may require wearing the shoulder rig for several days before fine tuning is complete.
  2. Before permanently shortening the rig, keep in mind future use with seasonal clothing, body armor, weight fluctuations, etc.


Source: shoulder rig instructions – Google Docs

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