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Fiebing’s Shoe Stretch-It (Break in Your Holster) 4 FL OZ (W-4)

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Fiebing’s Shoe Stretch-It (Break in Your Holster) 4 FL OZ (W-4)

MTR Custom Leather holsters/leather products are manufactured from only the premium materials and our technique molding is very accurate to specific firearms. When you receive your leather product from MTR it may appear to fit close-fitting at first, but this by design. MTR engineer our product to fit snug knowing that the leather filaments will relax and give to the proper fit with use.

UNLOAD YOUR FIREARM before testing holster fit.

If the holster/magazine has tension screws: Since the tension components are not pre-set at the factory, you may need to adjust them in order to the holster your firearm or magazine the first time. We recommend that you check your tension screw adjustment before each use. There is no reason to completely remove the tension components. Do not use Loctite or any other form of Loctite on the tension components. Nevertheless, you can apply a single drop of clear nail polish to your tension screw threads, this may reduce loosening.

If the fit is too tight when holstering your firearm/magazine the first time, than don’t force it. If you do force the firearm/magazine into the leather, it may be very difficult to draw/remove. Instead, please follow these simple steps to break in your new leather.

Lighting fast relief for tight holsters/magazine. Apply STRETCH-IT generously to holster area that needs stretching. Allow to penetrate. Insert weapon/magazine unloaded wrapped in plastic bag or plastic wrap. Rotate weapon/magazine side to side to allow stretching of the holster. Leave in holster for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, remove weapon/magazine from holster and remove the bag/wrap from the weapon/magazine. Insert the unloaded weapon/magazine into the holster, which should be snug but not loose. If it is still too tight, repeat the above steps until the leather is broken in to your satisfaction.

Not harmful to your skin or clothing

Great quality product from Fiebing’s!

Manufactured in the US!

Shipping is INCLUDED in price

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