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Founded in 2009 in the community of Coleridge located in Ramseur, North Carolina, our one-man company was making just a few custom items a week for local friends and family as a hobby. Now, MTR Custom Leather is one of the largest providers of holsters and related gear in the world. We thank you, our faithful customers, for helping us attain this position.

Rest assure that our team will continue to be advanced in our designs, materials and methods in order to maintain the firmest quality control procedures and offer you the best revolutionary products. Here, at MTR we are a Christian family owned that proudly stands behind our products as we have first done in the beginning. We are life-time members of the NRA as well as the USCCA. We like to continually keep improving and enhancing our products as well as engineering new holsters. We always test new holsters out before even advertising it to the public.

We strive hard to produce the best holsters out on the market and our number one focus when manufacturing our product is Quality. We only use the best grade A materials when it comes to constructing the products. We are pro 2nd amendment and are pushing for the safest product to carry a weapon in. We are here to fight for your protection. We only want you carrying the best and functional product to help you when in need.


Customize it, Wear it & Protect it.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Below are just some of the positive things that our customers have said about our products.

Dear Matthew and Stephanie, I received my new Dual Carry holster on May 18, 2015. I HAVE to write to you and inform you about how pleased I am with this BEAUTIFUL product. The holster fits my fire arm perfectly, and it is very comfortable to wear both inside and outside the waistband. This was the first holster I ordered from your company, and it most definitely WILL NOT be the last. I do have one small concern… While at my range earlier this week, I handed out all of your business cards. I would be more than happy to distribute more if you’d like to send some my way. Once again, Matthew and Stephanie, Thank You so much for such a well-crafted product. Your passion for your work is evidenced by the quality products you sell…

Patrick J. McFeeley
Matt and Stephanie, I just received your beautiful Cross Draw holster for my High Power. The shark skin stiffening at the mouth of the holster is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The stitching and hand-boning are top notch. To say it fits like a glove is an insult. It fits like a second skin. I actually bought the holster to use on my strong side, as it seemed the angle was such that it would facilitate a quicker draw, with less movement to bring the muzzle to the target. It works perfectly as I envisioned it. It’s an excellent design that I’m certain I’ll use for many years.

James D

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