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Deluxe AIWB Holster

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  1. Grip of the gun is flush to the body

  2. Allows carriers to conceal larger firearms that they wouldn’t have been able to conceal

  3. Prevents the grip of the weapon from sticking out

  4. Full Coverage of the weapon and the trigger

  5. Custom tailor sweat shield to each firearm

  6. Comes with the Claw, Wedge and 1 Screw on the holster


Gun Make & Model (A-E) (1911’s)

You will find only manufactures that start with the letter A-E in this box. If you do not see your manufacture listed that starts with the letters A-E, then please contact us through email or phone. We get new manufactures weapons in daily. You can reach us at

Gun Make & Model (F-J)

You will find only manufactures that start with the letter F-J in this box. If you do not see your manufacture listed that starts with the letters F-J, then please contact us through email or phone. We get new manufactures weapons in daily. You can reach us at

Gun Make & Model (K-O)

You will find only manufactures that start with the letter K-O in this box. If you do not see your manufacture listed that starts with the letters K-O, then please contact us through email or phone. We get new manufactures weapons in daily. You can reach us at

Gun Make & Model (P-R)

You will find only manufactures that start with the letters P-R in this box. If you do not see your manufacture listed that starts with the letters P-R, then please contact us through email or phone. We get new manufactures weapons in daily. You can reach us at

Gun Make & Model (“S”)

You will find only manufactures that start with the letter “S” in this box. If you do not see your manufacture listed that starts with the letter “S”, then please contact us through email. Please indicate your exact make and model of your weapon (especially revolvers) at checkout in the comment box.

Gun Make & Model (T-Z)

You will find only manufactures that start with the letter T-Z in this box. If you do not see your manufacture listed that starts with the letter T-Z, then please contact us through email or phone. We get new manufactures weapons in daily. You can reach us at

Attachment (Laser Light)

When you come to checkout there will be a comment box, there you can type your exact make and model of your laser if it’s red or green laser etc. Also, if your weapon has different keys (like on a picatinny rail) that the laser/light can slide onto please let us know and send us a picture through email

Threaded Barrel/Red Dot Sight/Aftermarket Sights

**What is a red dot sight? Type of non-magnifying reflector (or reflex) sight for firearms, and other devices that require aiming, that gives the user an aimpoint in the form of an illuminated red dot.
**FAQ: If your Gun Make & Model option has the weapon and RMR together (ie: Sig Sauer P320 Full Size RX) please choose NO, so you do not get charged twice for the same attachment.
**Please type the Red Dot that you below
**If you have any aftermarket sights (night sights, suppressor sights, big dot sights) higher sights than normal, than please choose “YES” and specify your make and model
**Please keep in mind that once the order is received, the manufactures will check over the order to make sure all the options that you choose will function properly when manufacturing. Some options may not work properly when manufactured. This is something that we may not know until the holster is being built.

Grip Laser

If your laser is a grip laser and mounted on the grip of the weapon than please choose “YES” and specify your make and model of your laser.

ECR Instant On Viridian Lasers

Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) now part of every universal Viridian laser. This can only be used with the Viridian C Series, X Series Gen 2 and Gen 3, and Reactor Series are equipped with INSTANT-ON technology and activate. Please see FAQ page and our BLOG page for more info. Will not work on E-series.

Shooting Hand * 

Color * 

Stitching Color * 

Wanna spice up your holster a little, or have a different holster than anyone else? Make the holster unique and custom by adding some color stitching to the front of the holster only. Each color is made with heavy duty nylon thread, to resist easy tearing or dry rot damage. Keep in mind that colored thread may affect the color of the holster, the holster could be lighter or darker because its a different dying processing and so the dye will not run onto the thread.

Stitching * 

Double stitching is a second line of stitching. This will aid in better retention and long term use of the holster. (extra $15.99)

Clip Attachment

Tuckable Spring Steel Clip come on the holster, this clip requires a sturdy 1-1/2″ gun belt 1/4″ for the best function of this holster. Ulticlip3+ has a flat mounting area with 2 slots and 1 hole allowing for multiple mounting options; does not require a belt, mounts directly onto the pants and the belt would go on top of the clip for better concealment. Ulticlip XL is the world’s first multi-tool holster clip and locking steel belt loop. No longer do you have to choose between a holster clip or belt loop; with Ulticlip XL you can have both. Learn more on FAQ page and BLOG page.

Holster End

The holster end means that the barrel of your weapon will be cover, but you have the option to having the holster end sewn at the bottom or leaving it open. This is a preference of choice. Leaving the holster end open is good for target shooting. This will allow for debris to exit the barrel of the weapon after shooting a lot. Flip side, if carry the weapon in a pouch or outdoors (riding a horse, bike, hunting, etc.), one may want to enclose the bottom. So debris will not enter the barrel of the weapon. (Please see FAQ page for more information).

Internal Liner

When we craft a holster we use the smooth bull hide leather on the outside and the ruffer portion on the inside. When someone adds a liner we add a second layer of thinner bullhide leather and use the smooth side inside the holster with the two ruff sides against each other. This process is to enable is a smooth drawing of the weapon, instead of suede having some friction when drawing. Secondly, suede tends to not mold as easy on the inside as the bullhide, enabling less retention. The bullhide leather molds with great detail and definition in the leather. The bullhide leather is not as thick as the suede causing better concealment of the holster when wearing.

Exotic Leather

Choosing exotic leather will increase the strength and durability of the holster. The exotic leathers listed below is some of the strongest leathers available! The texture is much more defined than the other leathers. Exotic leather is a dense material that helps resist moisture and scratch proof. Well worth every penny! Learn more about the function, texture, trim vs full and colors on our FAQ & BLOG page. One of our most expensive leathers available is alligator, please email for prices and colors available.

Thumb Break Strap

On large DA (double action) weapons the thumb break is placed decocked. Smaller SA/DA (single action/double action) weapons the thumb break is placed cocked and locked. If you would like your thumb break placed differently, then please add that in the comment section. If you order a holster with a thumb break there is no returns or exchanges or refunds under any condition.


AIWB Holster

  • Appendix Inside the Waistband Holster is used to tuck the grip into the body to avoid firearm printing while carrying concealed. The claw is a piece of plastic mounted under the trigger guard. Basically, the Claw uses the firmness of the gun belt to push the grip side of the holster and gun into your body to prevent the grip from sticking out, a common occurrence during concealed carry. The claw bring into line with the belt attachment to ensure that connection is made to the belt. The clip attachment is the point of contact that secures your holster to the belt, a perfectly executed AIWB Holster with Claw will tuck the weapon’s grip completely to the body. Allows carriers to conceal larger firearms that they wouldn’t have been able to conceal otherwise. Before the claw, you had to rely on a holster maker to know how to position the belt clip in order to reduce printing or carry a smaller firearm. With the Claw, even people on the slimmer side can successfully conceal a full size firearm with ease. Precision claw design for the perfect alignment with your belt, drawing the grip of your gun closer to your body, making it even more concealed!
  • The holster can be adjusted for cant and ride height , since the clip is attached onto the holster by a screw, however the claw is not moveable. Therefore the holster may not work properly by adjusting the cant of the holster or ride height.

What is the wedge on the back of the holster for? Great question. 

MTR adds a wedge (small rubber piece on the back of the holster) to the back of the holster, to adjust how the holster body meets up against your unique lumps and bumps. If you hold your holster just right for concealment, but it won’t stay there because there’s a gap between the holster and your body, then a wedge might be the right fix. This hardware can be taken off, however, you will have some sharp hardware poking against you.


Due to certain size of the weapon, the wedge may not be able to be used.


The New re-vamped Tuckable Adversary holster (A-3A) is made for certain weapons and intended for IWB (inside the waistband) carry. Some new upgrade features of the holster came from the mouths of our very own customers. We have added a double stud for double the security of the tuckable (you can tuck your shirt behind the clip for better concealment of the clip) Ulticlip3, this will able you to clip the holster onto any material (boot, pants, etc). The Ulticlip3 helps for better concealment of the clip because the belt will go over the clip and will not show. Another great feature of the new holster, is that it comes with a claw


  1. Grip of the gun is flush to the body
  2. Allows carriers to conceal larger firearms that they wouldn’t have been able to conceal
  3. Prevents the grip of the weapon from sticking out

58 reviews for Deluxe AIWB Holster

  1. Glenn Buschine (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this holster… Absolutely’disappears’ when worn. So comfortable and pistol fit perfectly without adjusting.

  2. Joseph (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this holster, I found it difficult to find a holster that would fit my particular gun and that I would be satisfied with. After some research I found MTR and they were able to custom make a holster that fit my specific needs. Thank you.

  3. Thomas Wilson (verified owner)

    I ordered a 4″ holster, but I got a 3″ plus . My 4″ barreled gun sticks out about a 1/2″, but I can live
    with it. That is why the number 4 rating .

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Ryan J. (verified owner)

    The Deluxe AIWB holster is gorgeous. I considered a 4 star rating since the holster seems top heavy, but I think it may be because I am carrying a VP9SK with a 15 rnd magazine. A smaller carry would be fine.
    The holster is comfortable and fits the VP9SK perfectly. The only downside I see that potentially could fix my problem is if I could change out ulti-clips for a different style or change the position/height. Otherwise a perfect holster.

  6. John B. (verified owner)

    Comfortable and fits gun (w/ optic and light) like a glove!

  7. Kurt Springs (verified owner)

    I had it made for a Sig Sauer P227 SAS gen2 and tried it out at a handgun clinic. It worked really well. It has a smooth draw. Certainly something to add to CCW options.

  8. MITCHELL JOHNSON (verified owner)

  9. Demetrios A. (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd holster from here and they have all been top notch. Thanks for another great holster!

  10. Paul K. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Super construction, built like the proverbial brick…er…house, but not at all bulky. Fit was surprisingly a little loose at first, but with the added lining (highly recommended) it molded beautifully to the contours and improved retention tremendously. Comfortable to wear, even appendix. Overall, nicest holster I’ve ever had the pleasure of using for EDC.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything arrived in a fast and timely manner.

  12. William G. (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster, amazing construction, fast turn around. Always a terrific experience with MTR, both customer service and products

  13. Kathy S. (verified owner)

  14. Lisa (verified owner)

    Very nice quality. I didn’t realize the rubber piece, on the back of the holster, stuck out so far. I thought it was flatter. (There’s no side view.)
    You can’t remove it or you have metal digging into your skin.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster, superior workmanship. Got it for a Bul 3.25 Officer’s 1911
    Fits perfectly.

  16. Jeffrey B. (verified owner)

    Incredible fit and quality construction. If you are considering other expensive leather holsters to carry your gun, try this first.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was looking for a leather holster with both an integrated claw and wedge. MTR certainly delivers. The finish of the holster is excellent and the retention was perfect out of the box. This is now my primary carry holster.

    I had two minor issues. I ordered the holster with an Ulticlip, but the clip stood too proud for my belt, so I changed it out with a spare overhook. The hole pattern did not line up, but a simple mod of the overhook worked fine. The other issue was the molding on the top of the claw would scrape the top of my draw hand. A bit of trim and sanding took care of that.

  18. William WHELCHEL (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  19. Mark S. (verified owner)

    I’m really glad I upgraded to the lined interior for my Shield 45. Fit, draw and retention are all better than my unlined holster. Great quality and design.

  20. Shawn Sheets (verified owner)

    BLUF- Fantastic workmanship and design!

    So I want to preface my review by saying I very rarely take time to write a review unless something is extremely worthy or absolutely horribly.

    So overall I am very happy with holster and most likely will order a few more in the next year or so to upgrade some of my older ones. The leather work is very nice as is the quality of the leather. I requested the holster to be lined and this makes stitching and boning more challenging (I do make my own holsters but this one was out of my knowledge level currently and I also have not had much free time) yet the holster I received was perfect in these areas. Next is overall fit to the pistol and actual ergonomics of the design. The pistol is nice and snug yet presents very smoothly. The ergonomics were my biggest concern and the claw plus, bump out pad, and the Util-clip make this holster phenomenal for my application.

    In closing a big thumbs up and a thank you to MTR.

  21. Wade Dawson (verified owner)

    Nailed it! The most comfortable holster I have ever worn and the last.

  22. Jason C. (verified owner)

    I’ve only had this holster for a couple weeks. Upon arrival, I was taken back by how beautiful it is. The level of craftsmanship I was expecting was surpassed. The leather is very robust and fits my firearm like a glove. The retention is just right, snug enough that I don’t have to worry about it falling out, but not too much to impede a proper draw. The optional double stitching is a nice addition. Not only does it look very nice, but I know it will last. Personally, the level of comfort is spot on, comfy, but not so much that you forget that you’re carrying. I am now contemplating purchasing another holster from MTR. I will say, it took some time for them to make, but it was without a doubt worth the wait.

  23. Mike T. (verified owner)

    Well made; clean stitching; all day comfort with appendix carry,

  24. Zachary E. (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the product. Fits like a glove. Great craftsmanship. I had a unique firearm and light combination and was having trouble finding a holster that would accommodate my needs, but MTR delivered. My only regret is that I opted for the metal clip and did not upgrade to the utiliclip, which was my fault not MTR. Just upgrade to the utiliclip you will not regret it. Amazing holster, I honestly cannot say enough good things about it. I will certainly be a repeat customer for future holsters.

  25. Colin (verified owner)

    Very well made product. I’m excited to finally have a quality made holster.

  26. Greg (verified owner)

    Most comfortable AIWB I own! Purchased 2 others from other manufacturers and this is the best there is. Very well made, comfortable, and quick shipping, not like others that took 3 months! I carry a Sig p320 XCompact! I have ordered 2 more holsters from MTR! They are now my go to holster and leather store. Don’t hesitate to purchase from them!

  27. kirk h. (verified owner)

    The Quality ,Fit And Finish Is Exceptional . Almost Didn’t Want To Use The Holster, It Was So Nice. The Retention Was Perfect And The Stitching Was A Work Of Art. Make Sure You Spring For The Double Stitching ,It’s Worth Every Penny. Bottom Line If You Are Even Contemplating A New Holster, Buy One From MTR There Is No Better Custom Made Holster Period !!! Just Bought A Holster And Have Another One On Order And Will Be Buying Even More In The Future. Thank You To The Whole MTR Team You Won A Customer For Life, Keep Up The Good Work. A++++ Ohhhh One Last Thing The Ulti-Clip Xl Is The Only Way To Go If You Want The Best.

  28. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Beautiful.

  29. KIRK (verified owner)

    This Is The Second Holster And Have A 3rd On Order. The Quality,Fit And Finish Is Better Than I Have Received From Any Other Holster Company. The Retention Is Perfect ,Also The Quality Material And Stitching Sets It Above The Rest. Go For A Colored Double Stitching It’s Worth Every Penny. Also Get The Inside Lined It Makes For A Smooth Draw. Thank You To The Whole Team At MTR Custom It Has Been A Pleasure To Do Business With You A+++

  30. William Ayers (verified owner)

    Beautiful workmanship!!!!!! These guys are the real deal!!!

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Greg B. (verified owner)

    My 7th or 8th purchase from MTR. Best quality leather holster I have
    found! Purchased the AIWB for a .380 that I bought. Fittment was excellent, quality is outstanding and they are wonderful to do business with! Best leather company I’ve found!

  33. Tom M. (verified owner)

    Accommodated my request for RSO and still delivered much earlier than promised. Excellent quality & finish work for the price. I wear daily so went with the double stitching option and, living in Florida, also ordered with the Ulticlip XL to wear with & without belt. Great job, guys!!

  34. john Bloom (verified owner)

    Beautiful product; thank you.

  35. Daryle Clea (verified owner)

    Excellent product, shipping and value for your money.

  36. Greg B. (verified owner)

    Excellent well made AIWB holster. MTR is my go to holster maker. I have several of the AIWB’s as well as the IWB dual purpose! Quality products, quick shipping. Highly recommend this holster and the company!

  37. kirk h. (verified owner)

    purchased this holster for my Cz Shadow 2 Orange 9mm. I Had The Holster Done In Grey Elephant And Double Bright Orange Stitching. Had The Bottom Sewn Shut And The Inside Of Holster Lined. Also Had A Top Strap For Cocked N Locked Carry And A Ulti-clip Xl .This Holster Is A Beautiful Masterpiece And Will Be A Family Heirloom To Pass Down In The Family. The Quality And Construction Is phenomenal. Thank You To All The Folks At MTR For There Commitment And Dedication Of Producing Outstanding Products And Exceptional Customer Service For A Reasonable Price . 5 Stars And Huge Thank You To The Whole MTR Team, Sincerely Kirk Hullum .

  38. Carl A. (verified owner)

  39. Rick M. (verified owner)

    This was my 3rd holster from MTR. P365XL. AIWB with Uni Clip XL double stitched. Well made down to every detail. Outstanding craftsmanship. Very comfortable for EDC.

  40. Jon L. (verified owner)

  41. Dan R. (verified owner)

    I went through 3 other IWB holsters before breaking down and spending the $ for something that is custom & comfortable. I got the Deluxe AIWB, chocolate brown, black stitching. I also opted for the double stitching, inside lined, a metal piece at the mouth of the holster, and ulti-clip xl. The claw tucks the grip of pistol nicely, and the rubber piece on the back I will call the bump stop was a very pleasant surprise, very comfortable! This holster is not only a work of art, it is very comfortable, phenomenal quality, great retention, and serviceable. Turn around was just about 2 weeks faster than stated on web site. Phenomenal customer service, I had questions so it took 2 conversation’s, they were nice, answered everything, and made me feel good about spending more on the 3 previous holsters I sent back. Way more than I expected! Thank you. I will be getting a OWB hip holster for my Springfield XD 9 SVC model from MTR. THANK YOU!

  42. Brandon (verified owner)

  43. Bradley S. (verified owner)

    Very high quality holster, well shaped and holds the firearm securely.

  44. Greg B. (verified owner)

    MTR is my go to holster and belt company! I own several of each and the quality is excellent! The AIWB holsters are second to none- all aspects are excellent. If you are considering one, it is a quality product. I have purchased several ranging from 1911’s to subcompact firearms. They are very comfortable and firearm retention is perfect.

  45. LEONARD (verified owner)

    This is my third holster from them. I like mtr leather so I ordered this one and I haven’t even purchased the firearm yet.

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality craftsmanship, more comfortable and stylish than kydex, and safely holds my weapon.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have two holsters from MTR. Both are extremely comfortable, durable, and made from excellent materials. Both holsters were made for pistols that are difficult to find holsters that fit correctly. The fit is perfect on north holsters.

  48. Daniel Schmader (verified owner)

    Far exceeded my expectations

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So much to say, But I will be brief, holster? Top notch quality and I’m so glad I opted for the liner..
    Recommend getting double stitch as per their recommendation, single is just fine but double adds that little extra.
    Issue? Just near impossible to speak to a person, after numerous attempts I finally had the chance to explain the holster was shipped with the ultclip and not a spring clip. ( not a fan of the ulticlip) after some back and forth trying to explain I was told the clip would be sent out and not to worry about it….. a week later I get a PayPal invoice for the clip..
    No big deal really, I just took the clips off a diff holster I had here..
    So, after comparing my MTR holster to all my other Kydex and custom made leather holsters this one really is my favorite holster and it Carries my M&P 2.0c AIWB everyday..
    I will be ordering from them in the future..

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As with everything I have ver purchased from MTR, the quality, comfort and fit are perfect. I find their work and their products to be among the absolute best in the market.

  51. Kano Kaylum (verified owner)

    High Quality

  52. Matt (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase it turned out exactly how I thought if not better gun fits awesome and very comfortable.

  53. BRAD S. (verified owner)

  54. John M. (verified owner)

    The product and customer service was excellent. Due to a catastrophic failure the gun I originally ordered for was rendered unserviceable several weeks after I placed my order. MTR was able to change the model of gun the order was for and didn’t even charge to change the order. I look forward to putting the holster through it’s paces over the coming months.

  55. Patrick J. (verified owner)

    This is my third holster from MTR and second Deluxe AIWB. I got it for my Atlas Athena with a red dot and TLR-9, and the fit and quality is spectacular. I recommend MTR to anyone asking for a high quality holster. I will be buying more for my future gun purchases!

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From order to delivery the total time was 2-3 months. But with custom made and shipping to Alaska I expected that. I must say this holster is totally worth the wait. The craftsmanship is awesome and fit is perfect. This holster was a game changer for me. I used to carry at 3 o’clock but stopped carrying all together because it was causing abdominal pain. I now carry full time in comfort. I couldn’t be more impressed and pleased.

  57. Thomas Wilson (verified owner)

    On the Holster I just received, the Uniclip does’nt work verywell . It does not cover enough of my belt to hold.
    Otherwise, its a great holster.

    • MTR Custom Leather

      The ulticlip and ulticlip3 is made to go behind the belt for concealment. The clip works like a suspender clip. See videos in description and our blog page.

  58. BRIAN (verified owner)

    Excellent holster: top quality leather, stitching, fit and design!

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