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Resolute IWB Loop Replacement (A-13A)

The Resolute IWB is an inside the waistband holster built from premium bull-hide leather. This is a replacement IWB leather loop for the Resolute IWB holster only. Use original hardware on holster to replace the new loop.


Keep in mind that the color of the straps may not match the color of the holster exactly. Because the straps will be made from a different hide of leather compared to your holster. This new hide of leather may have different pores than your holster and may absorb more leather dye and wax or may not absorb as much causing a shade of color difference than your holster.


These are the replacement IWB leather loops for the Resolute IWB Holster (A-13)

Description of Holster:

The adjective RESOLUTE has 2 senses:

1. firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination.

2. characterized by quickness and firmness.

Resolute IWB is a higher ride IWB Holster that works great for firearms with a little longer barrel. With its small footprint and classic design, it is one of the most concealed holsters we offer. The Resolute IWB is canted at a slight forward cant for a faster draw.

Our personal recommendation would be to wear it in the 4 o’clock position but it can comfortably worn appendix position or wherever you feel best for you.

The Resolute IWB is an inside the waistband holster built from premium bull-hide leather. It features full concealment of the barrel and trigger of the weapon, double re-enforcement mouthpiece, double loop snap for double the security and hand molded specially to each weapon.

1-1/2″ double split belt loop with military-directional snap fasteners.

Must be worn with a belt.

Leather in the picture of the holster is rough out and smooth inside. However, when you choose your color, the leather will be smooth on the outside and rough on the inside. If you would like the leather flipped, then you can specify at checkout, next to the shipping address in the comment box, that you would like your holster’s leather to be rough out.


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