Package Deals 35%+ off on ALL Bundles-SAVE Big

Package Deals 35%+ off on ALL Bundles-SAVE Big

Package deals are already marked down without a code. But if you use code bfsale then you receive additional 15% off the already marked down package deals PLUS FREE SHIPPING…Yes this is the BEST deal of the Year!

The best thing about package deals is that the leather and the colors will be matching.

If you order a belt in dark brown now, then order a holster next month also in dark brown the color may not be exact.


Because all leather products are made to order, including dying the leather. Leather hides has pores just like us humans. The pores could be denser than other leather hides (bigger/wider). The deeper or wider the pores the more leather dye the cow hide will absorb meaning that the color could be darker or lighter in shade. The leather pores cannot be seen by the naked eye. So, MTR Custom Leather cannot know how the exact shade of leather dye on the leather will turn out to look until after the leather has been dyed and dried and sealed.

All photos below are saddle tan bullhide leather, all different shades. All different cow hides with same exact leather dye.

White double stitching , Viridian Laser sigth and ECR adapter installed in holster to turn the laser off and on. Color is Saddle Tan bullhide leather.


It’s best to buy your products together to ensure the closest matching color and texture of the leather. Another option would choose black as your color, black is always the same shade!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll and don’t forget to use coupon code at checkout to receive 15% off your total and free shipping

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How To Dye Leather

A Step-by-Step Guide for Leather Dyeing on Natural Leather

Infographic - How to Dye Leather

The process for leather dyeing is almost a standard process, anyway it can change in some steps depending on the type of leather dye you’re going to use.  To get a quality high-end finish on your natural leather,  there are different approaches, especially between water-based leather dyes and alcohol-based leather dyes.

This step-by-step guide will reveal you some tips that will help you get a high-end finish with good color consistency, uniform coating and a smooth surface.


Pour the paint into a flat container

Water-based leather dye is a liquid with high viscosity, so for a more comfortable use of the paint, we suggest to drop it into a flat container such as a plastic dish or the lid of a bucket. Drop the leather dye into the container and wear gloves before you start the leather dyeing process.



Apply leather dye with a circular movement

To proceed with the leather dye hand application you can use a sponge, a dauber or a soft cloth. Dip your tool into the paint and start applying it on the natural leather surface with circular movements. During the first application you’ll immediately notice that the paint is quickly absorbed by the leather. You should continue to apply it  on the whole leather surface until it will appear completely colored with a uniform coating.



Let it dry and see the color changing

As you’re using a water-based product the drying phase will be slower that alcohol or solvent-based paint. It should take around 5 to 10 minutes and during this phase you’ll see the color on your leather surface changing and becoming more clear and more bright.



Repeat the dyeing application by using less quantity

Once the first coat is completely dried you can proceed with the second application. This phase is not strictly necessary but is strongly recommended to give your color more consistency and to have a uniform coating on your leather surface. During the second application you may notice that the paint has more difficulty to penetrate the leather, because a good part is already full of paint.



Remove the paint in excess before it dries

The paint that is not immediately absorbed by the leather could remain on the leather surface as liquid stripes. It’s very important to remove it before it dries otherwise your leather will not have a uniform aspect. To remove the paint in excess you can easily use the dry part of your sponge or a clean cloth.


STEP 6 (optional):

Use the fixative for extra-bond color

Depending on the type of natural leather you’re using, color may have different bonding. That’s why if you need the color to be well bonded to the leather surface, you can use the leather fixative as final coat.

Source: How To Dye Leather

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