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I broke down and bought a P229 slide with as new Trijicon RMR mounted (spur of the moment and good price on another forum). I’m happy with metal

Source: P229, red dot, what OWB leather holster? – SIG Talk

“Important Things To Consider During July 4th” – MTR Custom Leather

“Important Things To Consider During July 4th”

From the Point of View of God, Guns & MTR


Independence Day should be a time of celebration remembering what our founding fathers accomplished back in July 4th, 1776. July 4th should not be a time of worrying or in fear of being in public. However, the times that we live in, bring about those emotions. Bible 101: God does not bring about fear, faith instead. As one knows, we can not change our current surrounding or things that occur around us. But we all know who holds it all. However, what we can control is our attention to details and things to consider during the 4th of July. I will just cover a few of many things to consider below.

One topic, I want to bring about to your attention is recognizing and being mindful of carrying concealed on the special holiday. As we all know the holidays, special occasions and large events bring about a large amount of people and all kinds of people. Carrying your weapon in this type of environment can be done, but things need to be taken into consideration.

101 conceal carry: pay attention to your surrounding and people in your area and carry your weapon concealed where people can not see it. Concealed carry can easily be accomplished by using a MTR Custom Leather, LLC IWB (inside the waistband) holster or using a high riding OWB (outside the waistband) holster. However, one should consider the attire that one wears with concealing there weapon. During the summer people like to wear less and less clothing or more fitting clothing to show off their body (“May God Be With Them”). Back to conceal carry 101, don’t bring attention to yourself while carrying concealed and don’t wear something that will easily identify that you are carrying. Now what I’m about to tell, please don’t take the wrong way and keep in mind I am only bringing about these things to consider when carrying in areas with lots of people, not carrying all the time. I, myself like to wear combat boots, gun related t-shirts and gun jewelry. Wearing these items in public around a large amount of people can bring to someone’s attention, “Hey I bet they carry,” “Look at that 38 special bullet around her necklace,” “I wonder if she is a cop,” ………..I think you get the point where I am heading, so we will skip to the next thing to consider when carrying concealed during July 4th.

So now we know what to consider wearing during the 4th. Let’s move to awareness of your environment. Lot’s of  fireworks, food, children, elderly, activities, drinking, criminals, drugs, loud music, etc. According to wiki, awareness definition: “is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events. More broadly, it is the state of being conscious of something”. Be aware of your surroundings and current situation and people. Watch out for people who may be intoxicated or stoned on drugs or anyone who looks suspicious. I know it states in the bible not to judge anyone and you shouldn’t, but God does warns of evil in the world that we should be slow to hear, slow to speak, steadfast and warning us of drunkenness and what it brings about (foolishness). Let’s throw a situation in the air to consider if it happens and what to do. If someone approaches you that has had a few too many alcoholic drinks and is maybe looking for a confrontation. First remove yourself from the situation and don’t give in to. Bible 101: James states, “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him”. Okay back to the situation, let’s get a little deeper, the drunkard decides to attack you. First thought defend yourself, but don’t try to make the situation worst. Bible 101: WWJD? Better to leave the situation and let the fool shoot his mouth off  than anything else be shot off. Holster 101: if someone dose approach you, please make sure your holster is made to fit your weapon exactly (like MTR does) to assure adequate retention of the firearm. Retention is a vital and most important when carrying your weapon in any given situation. On the other hand, be aware of police, ems and people that can help during any given situation that may occur. Be aware of all points and directions of exit. Be aware of where you park your vehicle. There is several of other things to consider when carrying your weapon in areas of several people. I could write a book. I will leave you with this last thought (bible 101) John, “When the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come”. Listen to your inner spirit as the good Lord above instructs!





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Your friends at MTR Custom Leather, LLC want to help you celebrate this Independence Day in fine style. Just for the Fourth of July, we’re rolling out a few special custom items, including one very special, never-before-seen holster. Check it out on our, “Limited Edition holsters” page found under our category section. (click the link above to view).


Dragon Compact Earth Only $110

  • Made from light-weight, textured, conveniently water-resistant nylon
  • Nylon fabric has a sheen for a fiercely fashionable look
  • Sophisticated design with smoking buckle and hardware, available in Black Ops, Earth, Plum, and Wine
  • Optional detachable holster system available –  gun-specific leather holster allows for custom positioning and a super quick-draw application or a universal leather holster
  • Features a large-stash back pocket

Celebrate Independence Day… Dual Purpose Holsters (IWB/OWB) on Sale $65.00, Paddle Holsters $60.00, Gun Belts $60.00 and Much More on Sale!



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Source: July 4th Sale😃💲🎉-Holsters, Belts, Ukoala Bags OH MY!😱 Up to 15% off and FREE SHIPPING…Paddle Holsters $60.00, Gun Belts $60.00 and Much More on Sale

MTR Custom Leather IWB Holsters

The A-3 and A-3A Adversary’s are great holsters. They are very small and compact holsters. You can easily take the holsters on and off very easy with only having one clip attachment. Once these holsters are broken into, the leather will soften up a little and the hoslter will conform to the position that you wear the holsters at on the waistband.


The Dual Carry is great choice for target shooting and conceal carry. This holster can go IWB or OWB. This holster is very slim in width and molds nicely against the body.


The Slimline IWB holster is similar to the Dual Carry holster in size. The main different is that the Slimline is only IWB carry.


The Sentinel is again similar in size of the Dual Carry and Slimline. The sentinel can go IWB or OWB. The OWB part is attached by a plastic paddle. This is easy on and off. You can adjust the clips-leather loops for the perfect ride height or cant. The holster is hand-bone for better retention of the weapon.


The Thoroughbred Holster is the largest out of the four of them. You can adjust the ride height and cant of the holster. The width (thickness) of this holster is the thinnest of all. The holster is thin, so it can mold againt the body very fast for comfort. The size of the holster helps to spread out the weight of the weapon.


The Deluxe Thoroughbred holster is our NEWEST IWB holster. This holster can be adjusted for ride height and cant. The backing of the holster is supported with a very comfortable memory foam like material to compress against the body when wearing. All of the hardware will be covered by the padding and the suede backing. The holster is hand-bone for better retention of the weapon. The size is a little longer in length than the dual carry and slimline and thicker duer to the comfortable padding.


****All of the holsters cover the triggar guard and has a reinforced mouth piece for better re-holstering. There is also a sweat shield on all of the holster to help keep the weapon from touching the body and the body from touching the weapon. Each holster is custom made specfically to the weapon and attachment.


**All USA materials and crafted in NC

**For more information and pictures of each holster, check out www.mtrcustomleather.com and visite our facebook page.



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About a Customer that touched us today

One of our customer’s has really touched me the last few days. The customer sent me an email regarding the time frame on his order status. He was really nice about. I have not been feeling my best the last few days and something deep down inside told me to do something out of the normal and to joke around in the respond back to him and also tell him the position that I held in the business. Which I have never done since we have been in business. I told the customer that I was going to expedite his order and have it out to him very soon with no extra cost. The customer responded with joy and stated this:

“Oh that is so generous! I’m touched and grateful. Thank you. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia two and half years ago (two bone marrow transplants and about nine months in the hospital with chemotherapy and radiation etc…) and have been given under two weeks to live more than once since that diagnosis. Because of this, I have a rather unique understanding of how quickly time passes. Of course, there’s no way you could have know this when you made your generous and thoughtful decision to expedite my order, but please know how momentous your act of kindness was.

Even though I know that when I say “you have a customer for life”, that may not mean very much coming from someone with such an uncertain future as mine…but it is absolutely true: you have a customer for life.

I was speechless, then he responded back with another email later, which got to me again,

“While cancer and its treatment are awful, life is still sweet. I feel that we have never really left the Garden…we just don’t recognize that we are in it anymore. Our punishment is to not recognize the love and beauty that surrounds us but our salvation is that by embracing the connections we have with other and the Spirit that moves within them we become closer to God. At least, that is how I see our world…of course I could be wrong!

I think (I hope) that the amount we love our lives is up to us. If I have learned anything from leukemia it is that I get to say if I am living or dying (physically, there is no difference but emotionally there is a HUGE difference) and I have the power to recognize the love that I have been blessed with. Moments, such as receiving your email, are opportunities to be mindful of the beauty and generosity that fill this world (other things are in this world too, but I refuse to give them power…).”

WOW..words of wisdom…We decided to invite the customer down to the shop to give him a tour and pick up his order. I am very excited to meet him, very soon!


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