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Tighter Retention

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Have you got a holster that has become loose and stretched out? 

MTR Custom Leather has got you!



Have you got a holster that has become loose and stretched out? 

MTR Custom Leather has got you!

First you need to understand how leather changes. As it is a skin, it will stretch under pressure, climate, use/wear and reform. To a certain extent it will shape to your weapon. But over time after wearing the holster and pulling and drawing and the weight of the weapon sagging into the leather daily or weekly causes a lot of stress on the natural leather grains and fibers constantly breaking them down. Similar to our muscles, joints and tendons in our body, the more you use them they are to break down and tear.

There are ways to prevent the stretching process from happening so fast, by applying waxes to reseal the leather fibers and to keep them strong and durable with each use.


After you checkout and pay for your service to have your holster tighten up.

1-Send the holster back to MTR Custom Leather at:

MTR Custom Leather, LLC-5052 Doc Hayworth Rd, Ramseur, NC 27316

2-Put a note in the box, with your order number and email

3-Once MTR receives the holster(s), MTR will inform by email

4-Give MTRCL 3-4 business days to repair the holster. MTRCL will send you tracking by email once the order has been shipped.

What we do?

MTR Custom Leather will take the leather holster and remold the leather around the weapon to get the shape back into the holster. This will allow MTR to see the areas where the holster has stretched around the weapon. Then MTR Custom Leather will sew another line of stitching around the loose areas of the holster around the weapon to secure the tight remold fitment of the weapon in the holster. Next, MTRCL will rewax and seal the leather fibers. Buff the wax deep into the grains. Then add a topcoat of flexible seal/wax to the finish product.

End Results:

The retention will be similar to the same retention as when you first received the holster years ago.






This process may need to be repeated over time as more use of the holster occurs. Lifetime of the holster’s retention is determined by the use the holster. Similar to windshield wipers.

Please read all terms and conditions:

Terms/Conditions/Shipping — MTR Custom Leather

2 reviews for Tighter Retention

  1. Ken Licata (verified owner)

    As always MTR leather came through!
    I needed my holster that I purchased 3 years ago from MTR to be tightened up a bit, my Sig .380 was moving to much!
    Sent it back and tightened polished and sent back to me in record time!
    Thank you again MTR a reliable leather company that always pleases.

  2. Richard C. (verified owner)

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