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DIY Leather Gift Tags

DIY Gift Tags:

Project Summary: Add a bit of sparkle to your gifts with these simple, yet beautiful leather gift tags.
Perfect for any occasion, these tags are not limited to just Christmas time!

What You Need:
Hermann Oak Leather Craft Sheet
Steel Square
Art Knife
Scratch Awl
Alphabet Stamp Set
Angelus Paint
Glitterlites Paint
Paint Brush Set

***All items can be purchase here:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cutting Tags
Mark and cut your leather pieces into roughly 2” wide x 3” long rectangles. The size is really up to
preference, you can do smaller or larger.

Step 2: Trimming Corners

I wanted my tags to have clipped corners, so I measured ½” in on the top and down the sides and cut
according to my marks. I varied the measurements a little bit so some tags have a more narrow top.

Step 3: Stamping
Time to stamp! If you are using natural veg tan leather, use a sponge and wet the leather so the stamps
will sink in nicely. The English bridle leather does not need to be wetted.
I used ¼” and 1/8” letter stamps. Again, this is up to preference. I was also looking for a more rustic look
so I did not use a straight edge, I just went for it and I really liked the outcome!

Step 4: Dyeing
Apply dye if desired. I skipped this step, but if you are using natural leather and you want it darker, now
would be the time to dye the tags. We recommend Fiebing’s Pro Dye and you can either dip dye or
brush it on.

Step 5: Tape Off Painting Area
Use Frog tape or painter’s tape to tape off the area you will be painting. You can do straight lines or
diagonal. I also did a fun triangle; the sky is the limit

Step 6: Painting
The paint I used was Angelus® Paint in Light Gray and Glitterlites Silver Spark. Putting a coat of paint first
and then the Glitterlites on top ensures the glitter covers the leather more evenly. I like a lot of glitter so
I did 2-3 coats for maximum shine. I did a few tags with Glitterlites only (top right) and they turned out
ok but I do like the ones with the paint underneath better.

Step 7:

Let the paint dry completely and then remove the tape.

Step 8: Add Strings
Take an art knife or utility knife and make a small slit at the top of the tag. This is where the string will
loop through. I used a scratch awl to widen the opening once the slit was cut. Take a piece of string or
thread (approx. 8” long), double it and slide it through the opening, bring the ends of the string through
the other looped end and pull tight.


***All items can be purchase here:

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