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Your Vacation in the Woods Turns into an Unplanned Robbery … What Do You Do Next?!

Proving Ground 13 – PLC 3 FINAL

Picture this:

You’re settling into your RV for the night when all of a sudden, the door flies open…

An uninvited intruder enters, and they’re ARMED with a knife!

You’re seconds away from being attacked with a knife…

What do you do next?

[VIDEO] Chaos at the Campground…


Animated GIF of a YouTube video demonstrating how to defend yourself in an RV while at a campground


Unexpected attacks happen all too often — but you don’t have to be a victim.

Discover what you need to know to fight back in a confined space and get out alive.

Watch your third video, now, to see exactly what it takes to defeat a violent attacker when they have the element of surprise on their side…

Take care and stay safe,

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Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

P.S. – Remember, this video is your final step in preparing for the Live Training Broadcast Tuesday night.

After watching it, you’ll know the key strategies you need to know to defeat your attacker and protect your family…

But it’s only available for a short time!

If you haven’t seen the first two videos in your training series, click the links below:

Two Strangers Try to Take Control of Your Campsite — Would You Know What to Do? ⇐ Watch

Self-Defense Training From Expert Pete Bosquez ⇐ Watch

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