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Comparing the Glock 43x to the Glock 43: In-Depth Analysis-MTR has holsters for them

MTR Custom Leather scored big time and got our hands on the all new Glock 43x and Glock 48 before they were released, which gave us the ability to get our hands on them and have holsters ready well before launch! We are excited to have a full lineup of holsters available for all of the SlimLine Glocks including the 43x:

A-2 Dual Carry

A-3A Tuckable Adversary

B-1A Slimline Deluxe Pancake Belt Slide

A-8 Paddle Holster

(Every holster from shoulder rigs, ankles rigs IWB, OWB can be made for the Glock 43X)


The Glock 43x not only features front cocking serrations but also features an nPVD finish vs the standard Gen5 nDLC finish found on the Glock 43. The verdict is out as to how the nPVD will stand up vs. the nDLC but hey, at least it looks nice…



The Glock 43x has a height of 5.04″ vs the Glock 43 that features a height of 4.25″.
The change gives the shooter more grip length which allows for a more full grip and better control of the pistol.


The extended height allows another advantage over the Glock 43 which is magazine capacity. The Glock 43 comes with a flush 6 round magazine while the 43x holds 4 additional rounds bringing you up to 10 rounds with a flush magazine. When it comes to magazine capacity bigger is almost always better and the 43x is certainly delivering with the additional 4 rounds.

Many customers are expecting that Glock will be releasing an extended or higher capacity magazine in the future, but there is nothing official from Glock at this time.

Source: Comparing the Glock 43x to the Glock 43: In-Depth Analysis

Video: How The Glock 43X And Glock 48 Advance The Slimline Series | Gun Digest-MTR Custom Leather has holsters for both weapons 

Glock’s extremely popular Slimline Series took a big step forward with the enhanced-capacity Glock 43X and Glock 48.

Undoubtedly, Glock has been among the top players in the concealed carry pistol market. Outside of their long-slides, there’s a case to be made that nearly every model in the legendary gunmaker’s catalog is a potential undercover option, at least for some armed citizen out there. In recent years, however, the company has turned its studied eye to producing pistols optimized to the hilt for everyday carry.

The Glock Slimline Series is the gunmaker’s response to consumer demand for single-stack options. This year the line got a couple upgrades that make it hard to deny Glock is hitting its groove with this configuration. The Glock 43X and Glock 48 not only offer enhanced capacity over the original Slimline G42 and G43, but greater shootablity. Actually the two walk hand-in-hand for the 9mms.

To squeeze in more rounds for 10+1 capacity, Glock had to extend the grip of the pistols. Given its mastery at packing rounds into limited real estate, the lengthening wasn’t by leaps and bounds. With a magazine, the Glock 43X and Glock 48 both have a height of 5.04 inches, which is around ¾ of an inch greater than the Glock 43. This shouldn’t make them a bear to conceal, at the same tick, most shooters will have enough grip to get their entire hand on the pistols. It makes a difference.

Need a good leather holster for the Glock 43x or Glock 48 or both. CHECK out CHOOSE your holster and then you will find your weapon listed below in the drop down box.

Source: Video: How The Glock 43X And Glock 48 Advance The Slimline Series | Gun Digest

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