S.O.B. (small of the back) Defense (A-1B) Instructions

Pix 1: Front View on a belt                                                     Pix 2: Back View



The S.O.B. Defense Holster is your new and modern small of the back carry holster. This holster is very compact and is angled for a fast draw in times of emergency. This holster is meant to be worn in the small of the back outside of the pants palm in. The S.O.B. Defense holster has a reinforced leather mouth to help retain the holster opening for easy re-holstering.

The S.O.B. Defense holster comes with a retention screw underneath the trigger guard, and when needed it can be tightened up for a tighter retention for your holster. As you can see, this holster is hand-boned to the weapon of choice. The purpose of hand-boning is to show off the fine detail of the weapon on the holster, and most importantly to give a glove-tight fit when inserting your weapon. The main focus when making this holster was safety, gun retention, and comfort. The belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gun belt (2 layers 1-1/4 thick) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer web belt).



The pictures shown above are a right handed holster. The handle of the weapon should be facing towards your shooting hand. The barrel of your weapon should be facing away from your shooting hand. (Refer to picture 1). Keep in mind the holster is meant to be drawn palm in. Meaning the palm of your hand will be facing your body when drawing. On the S.O.B. defense holster, there are 2 belt slots to run your belt through. (Refer to picture 2).

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