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FN 510™ Tactical Holsters Now Available

MTR Custom Leather holsters now available for FN 510.

FN 510™ Tactical


Available for commercial, law enforcement, and military.


MSRP: $1,139.00


The FN 510 Tactical carries an industry-first 22+1 rounds of 10mm Auto at the ready, giving you the stopping power you need to face any scenario. But holding all the power and capacity doesn’t matter if you can’t put all those rounds on target, so it’s made for pinpoint control – red dot-ready with a crisp trigger and unrivaled ergonomics. All the elements for a premium shooting experience are onboard, purpose-built into the most commanding defensive pistol available.

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FN Optics Mounting System Quick Setup & Reference Guide-2019

FN 510™ Tactical Sell Sheet

Product# Designation UPC
66-101375 FN 510 T NMS BLK/BLK NS 1×15+1×22 845737015596
66-101376 FN 510 T NMS FDE/FDE NS 1×15+1×22 845737015602
66-101377 FN 510 T NMS BLK/BLK NS 2X10 845737015589
66-101378 FN 510 T NMS FDE/FDE NS 2X10 845737015619

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