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FAQ about Urban Utility Bags and Ukoala Bags – UUB-MTR CUSTOM LEATHER-QUESTIONS/ANWSERS 

FAQ about Urban Utility Bags and Ukoala Bags – UUB-MTR CUSTOM LEATHER-QUESTIONS/ANWSERS

Questions and answers

  1. Are all bags suitable for concealed carry?

Yes, for our Ukoala line. The main compartment has a sewn-in Velcro® patch to attach an optional custom Kydex holster (adjustable to the position that best fits your quick draw access). Compact bags hold only .380 or bodyguard size firearms with limited space for other items, so we do recommend the standard or expanded sizes for concealed carry customers.

  1. What size Ukoala Bag fits my type of gun?
It depends on the size of your weapon. Measure your gun and make your selection based on the main compartment measurements below, which is our recommended location to hold a firearm. The compact size bag will hold only a .380 or bodyguard firearm with limited room for other large items, so keep that in mind when choosing.
Main Compartment Measurements
Compact (A SKUS): 5” x 8” x 1.75”,    Standard (B SKUS): 6.0” x 9” x 1.75”
                Expanded (C SKUS): 6.5” x 9.5”x 1.75”
  1. Do I need extra straps for the Backpack style?
Not necessarily. Many customers find that, when fully extended and placed through the loop on the back of our bag, the existing waist belt works just fine. If you do need additional length, then the optional extension piece should be ordered. Another option is to order a second waist belt and an extension piece and keep them configured for backpack use, then simply swap out the existing waist belt (for everyday use) for the one for backpack use.  Watch the video
  1. Can I get a custom bag or custom color?

Not at this time, but we appreciate your suggestions! We are working on some new styles and colors that we hope to introduce by late Spring of 2022.

  1. How do I treat my wax canvas bag for outdoor weather use if it has leather on it?
You can treat your wax canvas bag as needed by “re-waxing”:  Starting with a clean, dry bag, heat up the surface of the canvas with a blow dryer. Spread the wax in broad, even strokes, moving back and forth to create friction on the bag. It will warm up, getting progressively easier to spread. More details will be available on our Youtube  channel.
  1. What is the best method for a sticky zipper?

Occasionally, zippers will become stuck.  If so, apply unscented chapstick or wax to the zipper teeth, then pull the zipper head back and forth a few times until it glides smoothly. We also suggest using this method when you first receive your bag to create a smooth zip which will extend the life of your zipper.

  1. When can I expect to receive my bag after I place my order?

For items in stock, bags usually arrive in 5 to 7 business days. Our standard and preferred shipping method is USPS Priority mail; non-standard methods may affect the arrival date. Orders placed after 1 PM EST are considered as placed the next business day.

  1. Are your bags waterproof?
Our bags are water resistant but not waterproof. We recommend bags made from durable nylon or waxed canvas materials for rugged outdoor use. The least durable material is cotton canvas.
  1. Where can I try bags on? I need to touch, see, and feel it before I purchase it
Right now your best option is to check for a retailer in your area. Although all styles and colors may not be stocked, you’ll get a good idea of which size bag best fits your body and your carry needs. You can also purchase our bags online.  If you like it, keep it.  If not, you can return the bag in brand new condition within 30 days of purchase for a 100% refund.
  1. How do I adjust the leg or waist straps?

All of our straps are adjustable. The leg strap extends from 10-22″ and fits a thigh up to 33″. The standard waist belt extends from 18-47″, and the extension piece 12-19″. When an extension piece is added to a waist belt, it will fit waist sizes to 66″. If you need a shorter length, cut the strap shorter and sew the end to prevent unraveling.  Another option is to work with a seamstress or shoe shop to fit the length to meet your needs.   Watch the video

  1. Where can I buy another leg strap or waist belt?

Both items, as well as our optional extension piece, are available online.  Be sure to check the hardware color and order the one that matches your bag.  If you have difficulty finding your match, contact

  1. How will I know when an out of stock item becomes available?

If we are out of stock online, you can always sign up for announcements that will let you know when new inventory is arriving. We also announce availability of our most popular bags on our FaceBook page, so be sure to check there each day for inventory and other important updates or announcements.

  1. Will more colors be coming?
We do release limited edition colors, and are working on some new ones for our Spring 2022 line. Based on customer feedback, we are also working on a vegan prototype which we hope to add to our product line in 2022. Be sure to look for these online.
We can work with organizations placing high quantity orders to incorporate custom colors and logos on our bags.


  1. How can I find out if you will be a vendor at a trade show or event?
We love to share our Ukoala Bag experience at shows and events.  Be sure to check our schedule online or on our FACEBOOK page.  If don’t see a show you’re interested in, please email us. We often have dealers that will be in your area.


  1. What size bag is best for me?
It depends your height, weight, and how you intend to use your bag. The compact size was designed for customers 5’3″ or less, but is not the best choice for concealed carry. If you plan on carrying everyday items and a firearm in your bag, choose the standard or expanded size bag. Small ipads will only fit in the back compartment of our expanded bags. Be sure to check out our size and usage suggestions in the product descriptions.

  1. What are the differences in the materials you use for your bags?

We use five types of materials:

    1. Cotton Canvas: soft to touch (Wrangler line)
    2. Wax Canvas: more durable and water resistant (Yeti line)
    3. Nylon: durable and water resistant (Double TroublePhoenix lines)
    4. Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon: for rugged use (KodiakYukon lines)
    5. Leather: high quality and soft to touch (Cowboy line)
  1. How can I find the status of out my order?

Once your package ships, you will receive an email with your order tracking number. You can also log into your UUB online account for this information.  If you are having issues locating your tracking number, please contact

  1. Can I wash my bag?

Yes, you can use a mild dish detergent and water to hand wash any bag except the leather Cowboy. Be certain to hang your bag after washing and allow it to completely air dry.

   19.  Will your bag work for a left-handed person?

Yes, our bags are interchangeable. See the image below as an example.

20.  My tracking number says my bag was delivered but I didn’t receive it. What should I do?

Once we fulfill your order and hand it off to a carrier, the burden of proof shifts to that carrier. Contact your local post office to settle non-delivery issues. We have an excellent track record with the USPS!


21. What is the difference between the standard Kodiak and the expanded Yeti?

The main differences are the pocket styles and size.  Watch the video


22. What is the difference between the Phoenix standard and Compact sizes?

The main differences are the pocket styles and size.  Watch the video


23. What are the overall sizes and styles?




The Zombie exchangeable covers make life so much fun!!!

Once you own a Zombie bag, you will have the opportunity to explore all the possibilities.

  • Made from handprint high-quality nylon
  • Available in a Compact or Standard size
  • Colors: in different color/print choice
  • Recommended uses
    • Fashion lover
    • Concealed carry
    • Motorcycle riding
    • Horseback riding
    • Everyday carry of personal items
    • Event attendance


New design bag, the Zombie, a reincarnation of our popular Phoenix, but with optional exchangeable covers! Pick up the cover to have fun!

Main features:

  • The mesh back to minimize sweating
  • A hidden pocket on the back of the bag to securely stash your cash
  • A single front pouch (made to fit any size phone)
  • A side pocket for pocketknife/pepper spray/ flashlight
  • A leather belt keeper (to contain any excess belt tail)


  • Buy a waist belt extension ($6.99) for extra length (very helpful for the cross-body or backpack configurations).
  • Skip constant adjustments! Buy a 2nd waist belt/extension set, extend it, and swap out your usual waist belt for this extended one when needed.

                Limited warranty on all zippers, buckles, straps, and hardware.

                  Main pocket, Back pocket, and Front Pocket sizes:

                      Printable 1:1 scale size: Compact   Standard

           BELT SIZES (included with bag, the extension is not included):



Fall is here, MTR Custom Leather Update 10/1/20

Red, blue, orange and brown holsters are falling all around! Fall is here and leaves are changing and so is MTR holsters!

#mtrcl #holsters


Some New Weapons and Attachments (lights/lasers/Optics) for MTR Custom Leather Holsters: (more to come)

STI Staccato C
sig sauer p365XL with lima laser
viridian R-5 for Sig P365, R-5 MCI, R-5 XD-E
CRIMSON TRACE LTG 770,771,773,776,777,778,779
taurus tracker 692 (all models)
ruger lcr 327
Star Firestar M43 9mm
Sig Sauer P320 X Five Legion
Seecamp 32 cal.
Diamondback 9 (all gens)
Sig Sauer P320 with Fox Trot 1 Light
Walther Q5 Match FS (steel frame with full rail)





Panda Bag-NEW Bags available  — MTR Custom Leather

Panda Bag By UUB: Drift bag (not for concealed carry) with clear plastic front.

Category: waist bag/crossbody bag/backpack

Material: High nylon(water resistant)


  • 9 pockets
  • Double leather zipper head works for right/left hand
  • Plastic clear open pocket for inserting your favorite images and small items.
  • Can be worn on right/left side, can be worn on your shoulder, can be changed to be a backpack/front pack.
  • Leg strap

Dimensions: A

Panda Bag By UUB: Drift Bags

100% Vegan bag

Category: waist bag/crossbody bag/backpack

Material: light weight, high quality of nylon(water resistant)


  • Non-conceal carry bags (no sewn-in velcro)
  • 9 pockets
  • Double leather zipper head works for right/left hand
  • Great organization for everyday essentials
  • Can be worn on right/left side, can be worn on your shoulder, can be changed to be a backpack/ front pack.
  • Leg strap
  • Three color combinations of the zipper and stitching:
    • Black zipper with black stitching
    • White zipper and white stitching
    • Red zipper and red stitching

Panda Bag By UUB: Drift bag (not for concealed carry) with velcro front.

Category: waist bag/crossbody bag/backpack

Material: High nylon(water resistant)


  • 9 pockets
  • Double leather zipper head works for right/left hand
  • Added velcro on the exterior to attach your favorite patches
  • Great organization for put your necessity in right order
  • Can be worn on right/left side, can be worn on your shoulder, can be changed to be a backpack/ front pack.
  • Leg strap

Category: Fanny bag with with unique rope design

Material: High quality nylon(water resistant)


  • 7 pockets
  • Removable, washable dog treat bag attaches inside of front pocket
  •  Two metal D rings to hang dog water bowl and leash
  • Double metal zipper head works for right/left hand
  • Two small pockets with a hole inside of the main pocket (holds a flashlight and dog waste bags).




Source: Panda Bag Archives — MTR Custom Leather

Ukoala Bag- Sale-20% off- Conceal Carry Bag- Outdoor Bag MTR Custom Leather, LLC 


Ukoala Bag Save 20% On Our Best Sellers!
Valid Mar 24 – Mar 29
The Phoenix | The Kodiak | The Yeti
EXPIRES 3/29/19
Discount Applies Only on These 3 Styles.
Discount Valid on all Available Sizes and Colors.
Valid 3/24/20, 12:00 AM – 3/29/20, 11:59 PM


Source: MTR Custom Leather, LLC – Google Search

Evidence of why purses cause back and neck pain..choose Ukoala bag from MTR Custom Leather

How many people have a shoulder issue?

How much money is spent annually on physical therapy/chiropractor visits and shoulder replacement surgeries? A lot.


Here is what Grace Graves, one of our many customers posted in a review: “Anyone with shoulder/back issues should seriously consider investing in a UkoalaBag!”

Thank you for Grace Graves for reviewing UkoalaBag!

UKOALA Concealed Carry Bags Archives — MTR Custom Leather

A-13_WRANGLER_GYPSY_1024x1024 floral

A-11_WRANGLER_VAMPIRE_1024x1024 red

A-10_WRANGLER_NIGHT_SKY_1024x1024 blue

A-8_WRANGLER_EARTH_1024x1024 brown

One of our most popular bags out on the market today. Ideal for packing light for your next adventure. Perfect for everything from quick shopping to an overseas trip. Great for men or women. Great for hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor activities, or general every-day use.CLICK ON THE BAG YOU LIKE AND YOU MAY FIND OPTIONAL COLORS

Source: UKOALA Concealed Carry Bags Archives — MTR Custom Leather

Dragon Compact — MTR Custom Leather

Made from light-weight, textured, conveniently water-resistant nylon Nylon fabric has a sheen for a fiercely fashionable look Sophisticated design with smoking buckle and hardware, available in Black Ops, Earth, Plum, and Wine Optional detachable holster system available –  gun-specific leather holster allows for custom positioning and a super quick-draw application or a universal leather holster Features a large-stash back pocket

Source: Dragon Compact — MTR Custom Leather

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