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The LH series is no longer available online. Thank you for all of your support for the LH series, we look forward to bringing the REGULUS to our customers next. If you would like to purchase an LH series, please contact The Gun Room in Portland, Oregon at (503) 777-3931. This page will remain up for historical purposes.

The LH Series combines over 20 years of battle-proven reliability with the revolutionary exclusive Double Action Plus+ action. These unique pistols feature genuine NOVAK sights! Get ready for effortless target acquisition with a clean 3D sight picture for even faster and more accurate shooting. Now your LH Series can be upgraded to Tritium Night Sights or Fiber Optic Sights!

The LH9N, our standard full-size Novak model, comes complete with a forged barrel, slide, and frame, as well as an ambidextrous safety. Perfectly versatile for every shooting need in your life — on the range, at home, and everything in between.


A few months back, Nick Leghorn reviewed the Lionheart LH9 9mm, which is a modern update of the South Korean Daewoo K5 military pistol. Nick ended up giving it a dismal one-star rating, going so far as to declare it “unsafe.”  Since I had some experience with the Daewoo K5 as a result of my time overseas working with the ROK army, I simply could not believe that this update of a classic military pistol could deserve that kind of rating. Could the entire ROK military have been wrong in adopting a pistol that’s unsafe? And then keep using it for 20+ years? Nah, fat chance. So I asked Nick to send the gun to me so I could take a second look . . .

Here at TTAG, our mission is to tell the truth about guns. And yet on matters of personal preference, we can only provide our opinions. American orator Wendell Phillips (1811-1884) once said that “[t]ruth is one forever absolute, but opinion is truth filtered through the moods, the blood, [and] the disposition of the spectator.” After spending a couple of months with the LH9, I’m in almost complete disagreement with Nick’s take on this pistol. In my estimation, the Lionheart is superb: an upgraded, improved version of the excellent Browning Hi-Power and S&W 39/59 series pistols on which it’s ultimately based. 


Have been looking for a holster that will accommodate your weapon’s light, laser, red dot, etc.? Let me me SAVE you some time and stop looking around, Go now to and check out there large selection of handmade leather holsters! Choose how you want to carry your weapon, OWB, IWB, Shoulder Rig, Ankle Rig, Western Rig, Drop Leg etc. Then choose from various styles of holsters. Don’t worry if you do not see the exact style that you are wanting because once you click on a holster, you can start designing it the way you would like it to meet your needs. Like, thumb break straps (safety straps), body shield (sweat shield), double stitching for extra retention and strength, enclosed end to keep dust and debris from entering your barrel or optic. All the way down to the color of thread!

MTR Custom Leather, LLC is a small USA family owned business here to support your every day carry needs with the best reliable protection. Covid has taken a toll on the small business of America. With your help we ask to spread the word about small businesses to others, as lack of advertising funds has decreased and we are relying on you to help spread the good word. Please go and check out there site and social media pages-like, share, tweet, pin and follow them. We appreciate you and for your time and effort to help, every small word helps. MTR Custom Leather, LLC would like to help you as much as they can for your contribute in spreading the word. MTR Custom Leather offers a Ambassador Program-learn more by emailing them at



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