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M1 Garand vs. AR-15: Which is America’s Rifle, Tommy Gun In Vietnam & more

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NRA Gun Gear of the Week: M&P9 M2.0 Compact Range ReviewNRA Gun Gear of the Week: M&P9 M2.0 Compact Range Review 
American Rifleman‘s Joe Kurtenbach has spent time sending a few hundred rounds downrange with Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 M2.0 Compact pistol. Read More
3 Signs You May Have A Fatty Liver3 Signs You May Have A Fatty Liver 
Doctor Reveals How To Get Rid Of Deep Fat From The Body And The At Home Test To See If You Have Deep Fat. Watch Now!
The Keefe Report: Christmas Arrives Early for the 101st as XM17s Are IssuedThe Keefe Report: Christmas Arrives Early for the 101st as XM17s Are Issued 
In the words of Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell of the 101st Airborne Division, “Christmas came early for the 101st.” And it came in the form of the U.S. XM17 and XM18 pistols… Read More
SIG Gambles Big And WinsSIG Gambles Big And Wins 
I first glassed my quarry, a wide-bodied aoudad ewe, through the lenses of my Zulu9 binocular from a distance of roughly 400 yards. After surveying the nearby terrain, I was elated to find the ideal spot from which to take my shot… Read More
Springfield Armory Announces 6.5 Creedmoor M1ASpringfield Armory Announces 6.5 Creedmoor M1A 
Not that anyone needs a reason to want a Springfield Armory M1A, but chambering it in 6.5 Creedmoor? Oh, yeah. The company announced today that it is offering three variations of its M1A rifle in the powerful caliber. Read More
Ruger Announces New Rifle ConfigurationsRuger Announces New Rifle Configurations 
Ruger is offering some of its most iconic rifles in new variations. The ubiquitous 10/22 rifle is now available with a factory-installed Weaver 3-9×40 mm scope featuring a Dual-X reticle. This blued model, with an 18″ barrel… Read More
New Ruger Revolvers: Super Redhawk in 10 mm Auto and MoreNew Ruger Revolvers: Super Redhawk in 10 mm Auto and More 
Of all the Ruger line extensions announced over the past few weeks, the one that has caused the most stir is the Ruger Super Redhawk in 10 mm Auto. Read More
5 Tips for Buying Used Guns5 Tips for Buying Used Guns 
Here are a few tips to guide you through the process of purchasing a used gun to ensure you make the correct decision. Read More
5.56 NATO Ammo Comparison: 12 Popular 55-Grain Options5.56 NATO Ammo Comparison: 12 Popular 55-Grain Options 
When it comes to 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. ammunition, 55-grain FMJ is far and away the most popular load used by semi-automatic rifle shooters. Read More
M1 Garand vs. AR-15: Which is America's Rifle?M1 Garand vs. AR-15: Which is America’s Rifle? 
Since the 9 mm vs. .45 ACP has been solved to everyone’s satisfaction, it’s time to settle another big controversy. America is the country of iconic rifles. The American Long Rifle has the name right in it. Read More
Behind the Bullet: .30-06 SpringfieldBehind the Bullet: .30-06 Springfield 
While the .30-06 Springfield has been a father to many successful cartridges, it remains the cartridge by which all others are measured. Read More
Goodbye, Brass?Goodbye, Brass? 
Let’s skip the appetizer and get right to the meat and potatoes of a manufacturer’s claims for a new cartridge case technology to replace the 150-year reign of brass. Read More
4 (More!) Weird Questions People Ask Women Who Carry Guns4 (More!) Weird Questions People Ask Women Who Carry Guns 
It’s just after Thanksgiving as I type this, and as the tryptophan haze wears off, one of the things I’m thankful for is all the friends I’ve made working in and around the gun industry. Read More
Bond Arms BullPup9 ReviewBond Arms BullPup9 Review 
At the end of 2015, Bond Arms of Granbury, Texas, acquired a small semi-automatic pistol company called Boberg Arms that produced the XR9-S—a compact handgun chambered in 9 mm Luger that employed backward-feeding magazines. Read More
Remington Model 870 Now With Detachable MagazineRemington Model 870 Now With Detachable Magazine 
The best-selling pump-action shotgun of all time—the Remington Model 870—is now offered with a detachable magazine. In service since 1950, more than 11 million 870s have been sold. Read More
Kimber Announces New Precision RiflesKimber Announces New Precision Rifles 
Included in its list of new products for 2018, Kimber announced the new Advanced Tactical SOC II and Advanced Tactical SRC II precision rifles with a .5 MOA accuracy standard. Both rifles incorporate Kimber’s 8400 action, which includes a full-length Mauser claw extractor… Read More
Rifleman Q & A: Is .410 A Gauge?Rifleman Q & A: Is .410 A Gauge? 
Can you help settle a debate among friends regarding the fact that .410 is a shotgun gauge size? Read More
The Tommy Gun In Country: The Thompson SMG in VietnamThe Tommy Gun “In Country”: The Thompson SMG in Vietnam 
The combat legend of the Thompson submachine gun did not end in 1945. Large numbers of “tommy guns” remained in U.S. arsenals, and the Thompson retained… Read More



What kind of holster should I get if I don’t wear a belt?

What kind of holster should I get if I don’t wear a belt? 


Tactical Paddle Bundle (SP-5)


MTR Custom Leather recommends our A-8, A-8A, A-8B, A-8C or one of our package deals that includes a paddle holster like: SP-5 and SP-12. CHECK THEM ALL OUT ON OUR WEBSITE UNDER OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND HOLSTERS.

The A-8 Paddle Holster was designed for those seeking an easier on/off outside the waistband holster.

– Can Be Worn In 3 Different Configurations: Straight Draw, Forward Cant, or 15o Reverse Cant

– Full Sweat Shield  To Help Protect You From The Sharp Edges Of The Gun As Well As Protecting Your Weapon From Body Oils and Sweat

– Reinforced Mouth For Easy Re-holstering

– Full Barrel Coverage That Conceals The Entire Barrel

– Can Be Worn With or Without A Belt, Which Is Ideal For Women That Do Not Wear Belts

– Easy On/Off Capability

– Gun Specific


**Not recommended for heavy weapons. The holster may want to lean forward. Check out a holster with 2 attachments to the belt for closer ride and better concealment.

***Keep in mind this is a plastic paddle not leather. The back of the paddle is super smooth and contours to the body well.








The MTR Paddle Holster can be adjusted for a variety of carry angles, enabling extremely comfortable wear and easy customization to every body type and method of draw. Whether your choice is butt-forward (forward cant) or barrel-forward cant (cross draw), or neutral cant (vertical) all by using a phillips head screwdriver to adjust the MTR Paddle.




True meaning of Christmas – Wikipedia

The “true meaning of Christmas” is a phrase with a long history in American pop culture. It first appears in the mid-19th century, and is often given vaguely religious overtones, suggesting that the “true meaning of Christmas” is the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. But in pop culture usage, overt religious references are mostly avoided, and the “true meaning” is taken to be a sort of introspective and benevolent attitude as opposed to the commercialization of Christmas which has been lamented since at least the 1850s. The poem A Visit From St. Nicholas (1822) helped popularize the tradition of exchanging gifts, and seasonal Christmas shopping began to assume economic importance. Harriet Beecher Stowe criticizes the commercialization of Christmas in her story “Christmas; or, the Good Fairy”.[1] An early expression of this sentiment using the phrase of “the true meaning” is found in The American magazine, vol. 28 (1889):

“to give up one’s very self — to think only of others — how to bring the greatest happiness to others — that is the true meaning of Christmas”[2]

The phrase is especially associated with Charles Dickens‘ A Christmas Carol (1843), in which an old miser is taught the true meaning of Christmas by three ghostly visitors who review his past and foretell his future.

The topic was taken up by satirists such as Stan Freberg and Tom Lehrer during the 1950s and eventually by the influential TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas, first aired in 1965 and repeated every year since. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957) also illustrates the topos, and was very influential in the form of an animated TV special produced in 1966. The phrase and the associated morale became used as a trope in numerous Christmas films since the 1960s.

The phrase found its way into the 2003 Urbi et Orbi address of Pope John Paul II, “The crib and the tree: precious symbols, which hand down in time the true meaning of Christmas!”[3]


Source: True meaning of Christmas – Wikipedia

VIDEO: Baltimore Police Officer Shot in Hand in Struggle for Man’s Gun

A Baltimore police officer was shot in the hand after attempting to disarm a man in the city’s southern neighborhood last week.

Source: VIDEO: Baltimore Police Officer Shot in Hand in Struggle for Man’s Gun

Florida School Offers Parents Bulletproof Panels for Student Backpacks | National News | US News

Parents at one Miami-area school are being offered the chance to purchase bulletproof panels for their children’s backpacks to guard against a school shooting.

Florida Christian School, a K-12 nondenominational private school, distributes an order form for the $120 ballistic panel on its website. The insert, which reportedly weighs less than a book, can be slipped into a backpack as a security tool, the school’s head of security told The Miami Herald.

“It’s just a tool,” said George Gulla. “I’d rather be prepared for the worst than be stuck after saying, ‘Wow, I wish we would’ve done that.'”

[OPINION: A Plea to Republicans to Stop Making Gun Violence a Political Issue]

Gulla reportedly has employed a number of other security measures at the school, including sound-enabled surveillance cameras and uniformed security guards. He’s also held active-shooter drills in which students are told to hold their backpacks close to their chests as a protective layer.

The less-than-a-pound soft armor plates can turn backpacks into potentially lifesaving bullet-blockers, but they’re not required, Gulla said. The plates are reportedly able to stop bullets from a handgun like a .44 Magnum or a .357 SIG, but not rifle bullets that would require heavier armor.

The panels are produced by Applied Fiber Concepts – an area body armor company founded by Alex Cejas, a parent at the school. Last year, Cejas attended one of Gulla’s active-shooter drills, which led to his company offering to make custom plates for students.

“While books and stuff in your backpack may stop a bullet, they’re not designed to,” Cejas told the Herald. “I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”

[READ: Gun Control Advocates Urge Americans to Look to Australia for Guidance]

An ongoing, nationwide debate on gun control in the U.S. has continually resurfaced over the years in conjunction with mass shootings, some of which have occurred on educational campuses.

In 2012, a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, left 20 children and six staff members dead. Most recently, the public debate on guns has flared in the wake of mass killings at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, last weekend and at a Las Vegas outdoor music festival last month. High-powered weapons were used in each.

Such incidents have helped create a market for things like the bulletproof backpack panels and other protective items.

Tags: MiamiFloridaelementary schoolmiddle schoolhigh schooleducationschool shootingsgun control and gun rightsdeath

The binder-sized armor panels can be slipped alongside a student’s books.

Source: Florida School Offers Parents Bulletproof Panels for Student Backpacks | National News | US News

Dragon Compact — MTR Custom Leather

Made from light-weight, textured, conveniently water-resistant nylon Nylon fabric has a sheen for a fiercely fashionable look Sophisticated design with smoking buckle and hardware, available in Black Ops, Earth, Plum, and Wine Optional detachable holster system available –  gun-specific leather holster allows for custom positioning and a super quick-draw application or a universal leather holster Features a large-stash back pocket

Source: Dragon Compact — MTR Custom Leather



Caliber Options: 9mm / .45ACP

If you are looking for more rounds at the ready, the HEXTAC DS (double stack) offers added capacity with nominal overall size gain. A Picatinny under-rail is ideal for adding a laser sight or light. Whether for range or for home defense, this gun has the features to exceed expectations.


Source: HEXTAC DS « STI Guns

Fake News Alert: “Unsecured” Guns Kill Kids

If people are sincerely interested in reducing the number of children that are killed with guns in the US, it will serves them to lie about the numbers.

Read more:
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Arizona -( If people are sincerely interested in reducing the number of children that are killed with guns in the United States, it ill serves them to lie about the numbers.

It creates distrust in everything that they say. It creates suspicion about their real motives.

In a story out of Flint, Michigan, the reporter claims that “the agencies” say that more than 7,000 children are killed every year in the United States “from” unsecured guns.

From (WJRT):

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Flint Police Department are passing out 300 gun locks to keep children safe.

The agencies say more than 7,000 children are killed every year from unsecured guns in the United States.

That number is false. The total number of people under the are of 18, who were killed with firearms, unsecured or not, was 1458, about 20% of the claimed figure.  It is unknown how many of those were with “unsecured” firearms. The term “unsecured” is undefined in the story.

A quick check with WISQARS, the database maintained by the CDC, shows the real numbers for the last year available, 2015.

From the  Center for Disease Control (CDC) for 2015, the latest year available, 77 people under the age of 18 were killed in fatal firearm accidents that year. It is unknown how many of those firearms were unsecured. Clearly, many were secured, as many of those fatal accidents occurred at the hands of an adult.

566 people under the age of 18  killed themselves in a suicide with a firearm, according to the CDC. How many were in legal possession of the firearm when they committed suicide is unknown.

765 people under the age of 18 were killed in homicides committed with a firearm. Again, we do not know how many of those were committed with a firearm that was under the control of an adult, or of a person under the age of 18 who had legal control of the firearm.

The total for all the deaths of people under the age of 18 from someone using a firearm, according to the CDC, was 1458, so 50 deaths occurred where the intent was unknown.

1458 is a little more than one fifth of the the 7000 claimed in the article. But that is all deaths, whether the firearm was secured or not. We do not know in how many cases the firearm was secured, how many cases the person who used the firearm had legal access, or how many cases the person who used the firearm breached the security on the firearm in order to use it.

John Lott, in research designed to see if laws requiring firearms to be locked up reduced deaths where a firearm was used, found no effect on juvenile deaths. However, violent crime and property crime increased.


Abstract: It is frequently assumed that safe-storage gun laws reduce accidental gun deaths and total suicides, while the possible impact on crime rates is ignored. We find no support that safe-storage laws reduce either juvenile accidental gun deaths or suicides. Instead, these storage requirements appear to impair people’s ability to use guns defensively. Because accidental shooters also tend to be the ones most likely to violate the new law, safestorage laws increase violent and property crimes against law-abiding citizens with no observable offsetting benefit in terms of reduced accidents or suicides.

The research does not show the effect of private efforts to handle firearms safely. Safe storage can be part of that effort. Private efforts to increase gun safety, overall, seem to have been effective. The rate of fatal firearm accidents in the United States has been reduced by 94 percent in the last 85 years.

©2017 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

Source: Fake News Alert: “Unsecured” Guns Kill Kids

HudsonMfg New Weapon H9 in our NEW A-5V Deluxe Full Size VERTICAL Quick Snap Holster 

The NEW A-5V Vertical Draw Deluxe Full-Size Quick-Snap holster is hand crafted with double military directional steel snaps on each leather strap for double the security. Features about the A-5V: leather reinforced mouth piece to help retain the holster opening for easy re-holstering. Sweat shield or body shield is a key feature to help protect you from the sharp edges on the weapon; while also protecting the weapon from your body oils and sweat. The New Vertical Draw Deluxe Full-Size Quick-Snap fully conceals the full length of the weapon while carrying OWB. Each holster comes with a deep mold of the outlines of the specific firearm, which is only done by a technique called hand boning. This technique is created by one of our professional leather craftsman to ensure a proper fitment of the weapon for long term use. 

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Our mission is simple, we strive to build the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. It doesn’t matter if you are simply a gun enthusiast, a competitive 3 gun shooter or a military or law enforcement professional, our rifles will serve you well and won’t let you down when it counts and we guarantee it.

Pipe Hitters Union Rifle

We use only the highest quality American made materials, you will never find inferior imported materials in our rifles, we just won’t allow it. We are shooters, just like most of you and we won’t sell anything that we, ourselves, wouldn’t trust our lives on. Cutting corners is not allowed in our shop and attention to detail is never to be neglected. It is our rule that quality control is everyone’s responsibility, from the guy who unloads materials off the delivery truck, to the armorers who build the rifles, to the person who boxes up the product before it is sent to the customer, every member of our staff is responsible for QC and inspections are conducted at every level of production.

We have a good time doing what we do, it is our passion and we appreciate each and every customer. Please feel free to give us a call or pay us a visit if you have any questions regarding any of our products. We are like a big family here at Spikes Tactical and our door is always open.

Thank you for your interest in our company and hope to hear from you soon.


Spike & Angela Register
Spike’s Tactical

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