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Double Mag Carrier (A-1M)


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Double stitching is a second line of stitching. This will aid is better retention and long term use of the holster.

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The Double Paddle Mag Carrier features two retention screws to keep the mags snug in the holster.  The included paddle has three adjustment positions; a straight draw, forward cant, and a reverse cant for your convenience. This holster is an excellent choice for range use or day to day use.  The easy on/off paddle is very secure and comfortable. You can also choose a sewn belt loop as your double magazine carrier attachment onto your belt. This means that there will be 2 sewn belt slots on the back of the magazine pouch.

Our mag carriers are made specifically for those who carry extra mags, but do not want the hassle of removing their belt for access to their holster when entering a prohibited area.

NOTE:  When ordering pay close attention to the RH (right hand) and LH (left hand) option.  Our mag carriers are made with the bullets facing forward. Some people carry their mags different. Example (RH means you’re a right hand shooter and the mag will go on the left side with the bullets facing forward).  If you carry with your bullets facing backward simply choose the opposite hand you shoot with and the bullets will be facing backward while wearing your mag carrier on the opposite side of your weapon. Example (choose LH if you are wanting the bullets to be facing backward if you are right handed, since these Paddle Mag Carriers can be worn virtually anywhere on the belt.

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