What is a Combat Cut in Leather Holsters? Standard cut in leather holsters? What is the fastest drawing holster?

What is a Combat Cut in Leather Holsters? Standard cut in leather holsters? What is the fastest drawing holster?

Starting with the basics, what is a combat cut hybrid holster? Combat cut refers to the cut of the leather behind the gun, the side closest to your body. What it means is that the leather behind the grip area of your gun has been removed. Leather still remains behind the frame and slide of the gun.

This method of cutting the leather got its name because in combat you need to be able to quickly draw from your holster. Removing the leather from behind the grip of the gun results in a quicker and easier draw. Making it not only better suited for combat situations but also for everyday carry.

So, just to reiterate, a combat cut on a hybrid holster, is when the leather behind the grip of the gun is removed for a smoother and easier draw.

What is Standard Cut On A MTR Custom Leather Holsters?

Moving on to standard cut. If you don’t want a combat cut holster, what other cut is available? That would be a standard cut! Since combat cut is the removal of the leather behind the grip of the gun, the standard cut holster is going to still have that leather there.

What this means is the full-size backing (non combat cut) of the holster is sitting between your body and your gun. This leather acts as a cushion between the grip of the gun and your body, sometimes making it more comfortable than the combat cut.

So, standard cut just means the leather backing of the holster is cut to full size. There are no accommodations for easier drawing like there is with combat cuts. But that doesn’t mean drawing from a standard cut holster isn’t easy, it may just take a little extra practice.

Why Would I Want a Combat Cut Holster?

Imagine you are standing in line at the grocery store. You’ve got your cart with your groceries for the week and are loading them onto the counter as you make light conversation with the cashier. You notice someone walking toward your register in a hood, as you continue unloading your groceries you keep an eye on this person.

They approach your cashier and demand that they are given the money in the register as they have a gun pulled out. You quickly reach for your sidearm when they aren’t looking at you but your hand fumbles as you try to draw your gun because of the leather from your holster being in the way. Thankfully you are able to draw your weapon and protect yourself and the other people in the store. But if you hadn’t been able to draw because of the leather getting in your way, you could have been seriously injured.

In this situation, the leather holster you were wearing was a standard cut and that is why there was leather that got in your way as you were drawing. As we mentioned earlier combat cut removes the leather that is typically behind the grip of the gun so you don’t have to fumble with the leather as you draw. Overall, having a combat cut on your hybrid holster makes it easier to draw your gun.

Pros of a Combat Cut Hybrid Holster

(no combat cut)

Let’s talk about the pros of choosing to get your leather holster with a combat cut. We’ve been talking about what combat cut is and why you may want it which leads us into the pros of combat cut.

The primary benefit of having a combat cut is that it allows for easier grip access. Having the full leather backing on your hybrid holster can slow your draw time. With the leather behind the grip of the gun, in order to draw your gun from your holster, you will need to make sure your thumb slides between the leather and grip for a good master grip.

Having a combat cut means you can get a master grip and quickly draw your gun. But keep in mind not having a full leather backing means the grip of your gun will be against your body instead of the leather. If you find this is irritating you can wear an undershirt behind the holster so that the grip isn’t against your skin.

Some people find that not having the additional leather keeps them cooler and reduces sweat. Overall, combat cut is a very popular option when purchasing hybrid holsters to create a smoother and easier draw in an everyday carry holster.

Pros of Standard Cut Holster

We covered the pros of combat cut so it’s only appropriate that we talk about the pros of a standard cut holster as well. To review standard cut is the full size leather backing on a holster.

Many people find that having the extra leather between the grip of the gun and their body adds additional comfort to an already comfortable holster. But the extra leather does something else too. It acts as a barrier between your body and your gun to help protect it from any sweat that may get on it. This can be especially important if you live in a warmer climate like Florida.

So, while combat cut has its benefits a standard cut holster does too. Some people prefer the added comfort of the full leather backing.


A quick recap, a standard cut holster has a full size leather backing. Some people find this to be more comfortable than the alternative and the extra leather acts as a sweat shield for your gun. A combat cut holster, on the other hand, has the leather removed from behind the grip of the gun for an easier draw. Since there is less leather this cut can result in less sweat.

An example of a holster that offers these two cut options is our A-1 Thoroughbred Holster. This holster falls under the category of IWB Holster. It is an IWB holster made of our durable all natural bull hide leather or horse hide leather of your choice. Each of our holsters are made to order and molded for your specific gun model.

Ultimately what holster and cut style you choose to carry with is based on what meets your needs and what you find comfortable.

We recommend visiting our Holsters by Gun Model page if you are looking for holsters that are custom made for your weapon of choice. For all of our belt and holster options and for more information to help you choose the carry system that works best for you, visit our MTR Custom Leather, LLC website.

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