M&P Shield 9 Plus

More New weapons and light/laser attachment for leather holsters and accessories

Forgot to mention a few more weapons and light/laser attachments.

Ruger Max 9

M&P Shield 9 Plus

Sig Sauer P365XL with Lima Laser

Stream light TLR-10

Stream light TLR-9 Flex

Stream light TLR-7 Sub

All Olight models (baldr, mini, tactical, Valkyrie,pro, Pl series and more)

New Weapons for Leather Holsters.. STI Staccato, Ruger, Springfield and More

We got a lot of new weapons and lasers in. Get your leather holsters and accessories now for them.

FN 502


STI Staccato- P

STI Staccato- C

Taurus GX4

Wilson Combat SFX9 and all the EDC models with or w/o compensator and red dot

Springfield Armory Emissary

+ More

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