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Double Stitched Holsters-Explained in better detail-Why? Retention, Size, Strength, Etc. All Explained

Double stitching is a second line of stitching. This will aid in better retention and long term use of the holster. (extra $15.99) (prices may vary over time). However, keep in mind that the holster or leather product that you receive may not be double stitched all the round the holster.


Example picture below of the thumb break strap on the A-4 Avenger Scabbard Holster is not stitched. 

To make the thumb break strap functional, concealable and safe, MTR Custom Leather did not include a 3rd and 4th line of stitching. A few reasons why?

1- The hardware is in the way. The military directional snap both female and male is located right in the middle of the thumb break strap. Also, the thumb break metal tab is also located in the middle of the strap.

But WHY Don’t you made the strap wider? 

Some weapons are too small around the back side of the weapon (slide area). Next, more leather is less concealability, heavier in weight, will stretch faster=less retention for long term use.

Why didn’t you double stitch the bottom of the holster? 

Great question! 

The bottom of the holster could be double stitched, however, it would add another 1/8”+ to the bottom of the holster.


MTR Custom Leather uses heavy duty sewing machines with a large needle. In fact our sewing machines could sew through a 1/4″ of ply-wood. WOW! Watch out fingers! We only use the best, including heavy duty NYLON thread, not cotton. WHY? That way the thread will last longer , hold up the weapon better which leads to better retention and durability. Also, no dry rotting or tearing easy like cotton thread.

Okay, back to the real question, our sewing machine footer (Google states: A walking foot or even feed foot works with your machine to feed the layers through the machine, you guessed it, evenly) FYI, I just do leather, not technical on the terms or writing forgive me on the grammar, misspell, etc.) Okay any who, the presser foot requires so much room for sewing, in our case it’s about 1/8″. Over the past years majority, well all customers want the smallest, lightest, concealable, safest holster. Therefore, we do not add any more leather to the end of the holster, we use the acronym “KISS” if you don’t know what that means GOOGLE it! 🙂

1/8″+ in the gun world of concealment can be huge when it comes to hiding your friend on your side! However, if you want that extra line of stitching on the bottom of the holster, then SHOOT, we can do it for you! No problem! Since MTR Custom Leather hand crafts each and every product, we can add more leather and double stitch around the bottom of the holster and guess what? WHAT you ask? 

It’s FREE because it’s unusual, but possible! lol.. forgive me for my humor. It’s like a Monday here!

Well that’s all folks from MTR Custom Leather! We hope you enjoyed the hand written not thought out BLOG. We are just a small country family business trying to make a living while blessing others with talents!

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