ARMSLIST Holster Review-MTR Custom Leather, LLC – IWB Holster Comparison-B-2 Slimline Tuckable IWB Holster Review 

Switching directions, I have always been in love with leather.  Whether it’s the smell, the feel, or the romanticism of hand made goods, something about a leather holster has always just appealed to me as “right.”  Matt Rector also loves leather holsters, and it shows in his work.  I ordered an example of MTR’s “Slimline IWB Tuckable” holster.  In no time at all it was at my door.

Sturdy is a good word to describe this sizable chunk of bullhide.  My holster also has an additional layer of bullhide on the inside of the holster for a smoother draw that does not hinder retention.  While holding the holster upside down with the G17 in it, it still takes several violent shakes to get it out, and I have no concerns about it moving when it shouldn’t.  As advertised, this holster is notable for being quite thin as well. I suspect this is due to it’s design, but it does conceal the weapon very well and is extremely comfortable.  Fit and finish is also top notch.  I ordered my holster in Mahogany, with a reinforcement in saddle brown.  The holster is a beautiful shade of reddish brown with the reinforcement being a classy contrast.  The belt clips are nicely powder coated and allow a shirt to be tucked in if need be.  The MTR conceals exceptionally well and does not move, with a draw that is smooth as can be and nearly silent.  The MTR is a holster that looks as good as it performs, and if leather is your thing I would highly recommend you get one…now at

There are a few things in life that make me shake my head when people use anything but the best.  Brakes, tires, and holsters are at the top of that list. It drives me nuts to see people running around on recaps, and buying cheap brakes leaves me scratching my head as to why one would be so cavalier with their life on a daily basis.  The third one usually merits an eye roll and a sigh however.  Carrying a gun is not a thoughtless task, it’s a massive responsibility.  And all too often I hear people talking about the new gun they purchased to carry, only to find out they are toting it around in quality equivalent to a recap tire.  Cheap holsters are a pet peeve of mine, and they always have been. Training with a cheap holster is asking for a potential trip to the hospital.  More importantly, should you ever need to employ your firearm to keep yourself breathing, you REALLY want it to be exactly where you left it and not at a different angle or position on your belt.  I’ve always made sure to mention to those asking me for advice on buying a new firearm for carry to budget in for a good holster and training classes (beyond the “keep your booger hook off the bang switch” intro class).  This is your life you’re protecting, I think it’s worth the money.

Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters have become the dominant method of carry as they offer the most flexibility with wardrobe, while only minimally impeding access to the gun.  I personally carry full size handguns out of personal preference, and the 9mm Glock is what usually fills that role for me.  Of the holsters I have reviewed here, there is a single example of a holster for the very popular Glock 43, and many more for the Glock 17.  The full size Glock 17 is not the easiest to conceal, nor am I the smallest of chaps, so a holster needs to be a bit more than good in order to do the job for me.  I spent some good carry time with each of these holsters.  Some are from well known companies, others are hidden gems well worth searching for. Just to be clear there are no bad holsters here, I made sure of that.  They are all first rate tools in themselves, and can be counted on to do the job a holster is supposed to do; Keep your gun safe and ready to go should you ever need it.

Source: ARMSLIST – IWB Holster Comparison

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