Pocket Power Perfected 


The Springfield XD-S Mod.2 Subcompact is a polymer-framed .45 ACP carry gun thinner than a 9mm GLOCK 43, weighing two oz. less than a .380 ACP Walther PPK/S. The XD-S Mod.2 Subcompact packs 6+1 .45 ACP flying ashtrays into the grip yet carries almost as well as your smartphone. Amazingly, despite its diminutive geometry, the .45 ACP XD-S still isn’t butt whooping on the range. This surprised me.

What’s the most fun handgun you’ve ever run? I’m not talking about the Desert Eagle, making you think you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1984 and weighing as much as your microwave. It’s cool, not fun. You don’t want to hump it. You don’t really much want to shoot it. You just want to slip into a leather jacket and wield it before a full-length mirror in the privacy of your own bedroom. Don’t hate. We’ve all been there. However, for pure unfiltered shooting pleasure I’d have to say my favorite handgun is a Walther P22 with a sound suppressor.

The P22 weighs about nothing, flirts with being recoilless, and, with the can attached, will not offend your eardrums unduly. The P22 throws its tidy little 40-gr. lead bullets ably and well. However, I once met a poor unfortunate sot in an urban ER who had absorbed a full dozen of these zippy little rounds and yet remained a fairly engaging conversationalist. The gun I carry to defend myself and my family is not meant to be fun. It’s meant to be lethal. In the Springfield XD-S Mod.2 Subcompact, however, we actually get a little bit of both.

Source: Pocket Power Perfected | American Handgunner

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