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Exclusive: FMK New Elite Race Pistols For 3-Gun Shooters | American Handgunner


You remember the fine folks of FMK — For My Kountry? They’re the gun manufacturer ornery enough to base its headquarters in the hostile “anti-gun” territory of California. They brought us the 9C1 9mm compact. This year, they’ve released a new series of pistols with 3-Gun shooters in mind.

Elite Race Line Pistols

Called the “Elite Race 9mm Pistol” series for obvious reasons, this new class of pistol is built with the competitor in mind. The Elite series features a textured grip providing comfort for hands of any size, while promoting a secure hold on your pistol while shooting.

The backstrap design reduces felt recoil and the effects of muzzle rise with a palm-filling hump, which acts as a shock-absorber by transferring energy straight back to the meatiest part of your hand, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and target acquisition.

FMK pistols are known for their smooth, easy triggers with quick reset, which also contributes to faster follow-up shots while keeping sights “on target.”

The Elite Race 9mm Pistol line comes standard with a beveled mag-well for easier magazine insertion assuring faster “hot” tactical reloads during high stress situations in competition, or urban settings.

FMK custom slides are manufactured to accept all GLOCK compatible sights. The Elite Pro Plus slide comes fresh from the factory milled for Vortex Viper, Vortex Venom or Trijicon RMR optic sights.

All models come standard with a loaded chamber indicator for both visual and physical proof your pistol is loaded/unloaded. Slides have both front and rear serrations ensuring positive grip for slide manipulation and press-check. Stylish cutouts shave weight and add good looks to the slide.

All Elite Race 9mm Pistol frames come from the factory with Picatinny rails for any laser/light accessories.

Some Specs

The FMK Elite Race Pistol weighs in at 23.05 oz., and is 6.85″ long. Height is 5.09″ and width is a slim 1.14″. The barrel is 4″ of stainless steel and the Plus Model is a threaded 4.5″. The frame is polymer.


ELITE: Custom Trigger, night sights
Elite Plus: Add threaded barrel
ELITE Pro: No threaded barrel, add red-dot sight
ELITE Pro Plus: Same as Pro, add threaded barrel

All FMK pistols are manufactured in the U.S. The Elite Race Pistol series is available with either a 10+1 or 14+1 magazines to keep state requirements in check.

If the FMK Elite Race performs flawlessly in competition, it will perform flawlessly for you in the street.
MSRP varies on model from $475.95–679.95.

Source: Exclusive: FMK New Elite Race Pistols For 3-Gun Shooters | American Handgunner

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