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What is a Belt Stiffener? MTR Custom Leather explains it all right here|Must Read-It will change your mind about a belt.

Belt Stiffener….What is it? What is the purpose? What is the function? Where is it located at? What is it made of? Why a belt Stiffener?

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All questions are answered here. First of all a little background about where and how these questions are being answered. MTR Custom Leather, LLC a small family owned business made in NC, USA started off in 2009 making old fashion leather belts. In fact, all sorts of leather belts. Ranging in different colors, width, thickness, styles and shapes. The options were endless and exciting. MTRCL gave each custom then and still today several options to designing a belt to meet there needs, all the way down to the stitching color. MTRCL realized that everyone’s preferences, body types and styles are different and that belts really need to be tailored to each person. With this being said, over the years MTRCL have learned what works and what does not work through many customers’ experiences, testimonies, trials and test. And that my folks is how we came up with the answers to the questions above.

Belt Stiffener-what is it exactly? Where is it located at? Great questions!  It’s a 3rd piece of leather in between the 2 pieces of leather.

When you receive the belt, you will see a small indentation of the 3rd piece of leather in between the 2 pieces. If you look at the picture below you can see that the leather around the holes is raised higher than the edge of the belt. Also, if you look below the screws on the belt you can see where the stiffener ends before the screws.

Why Leather for a stiffener? By using a leather stiffener in our belts (instead of plastic/metal), we are able to extend it all the way through the holes to the end of belt, this way the holes will not stretch as fast. Leaving the belt stiff but flexible for comfort. MTRCL has learned over the years that leather tends to be the best option for a internal stiffener. Metal and plastic breaks warps/breaks with the binding and flexing of the belt over the years and can be quite uncomfortable. By using metal or plastic MTRCL is unable extend the metal/plastic all the way through the holes, due to not being able to hand punch each hole. Yeah that’s right we said “HAND PUNCH”.

MTRCL have even seem the internal metal stiffeners come through the leather due to the sharp edges. ;(. What’s a great stiff belt if the holes start to stretch or tear???:O ON the other hand, nylon webbing tend to be too flexible and soft and not enough support for long term use.

Function of an internal leather stiffener? Internal stiffeners is a great variation to choose when buying a gun belt. Adding a stiffener will increase the belt’s stiffness, durability and rigidness. You will experience less stretching and rolling over of the belt. The adjustment holes will say nice and round longer. Most important, a stiff belt will most definitely increase the draw of the weapon. Belts with stiffeners aid in supporting the weight of the holster, weapon, magazine pouches and anything else that you may carry on your belt. By supporting the weight of the weapon, holster and ammo pouches brings better concealment.

Conclusion- MTRCL has got to wrap this up or this blog will turn into a book, that’s how much compassion we have for our leather products. Once a hobby that turned into a reality dream come true. Once to make side money while working a full time job to providing an income for multicable families.

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Reality Conclusion about why you should invest in an internal stiffener? You really should have a reinforced gun belt if you’re going to carry every day. Otherwise, you’ll have a big, beefy strip of leather that will work great…for a month or two or less. Then it will break in, soften and slowly start to sag and fall apart. After that happens, it will only be a matter of time before you’ll need to replace it. What would be the point of investing in a good piece of leather if you’re only going to need a new one?

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