please’: Brother pleads for end to gun violence after sister’s death

‘Put the guns down, please’: Brother pleads for end to gun violence after sister’s death

Loubna Laassadi was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in East Columbus. (Laassadi family)
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The brother of Loubna Laassadi, Mehdi Laassadi, called for an end to senseless killings that have now happened 130 times in Columbus this year.

His sister’s death marked the 128th homicide in Columbus this year.

“You never ever in your mind, in your life think that it would happen to you,” Mehdi Laassadi said.

Loubna Laassadi is known to many as “Lucy.”

Police said she was shot in an alleged drive-by shooting on East Broad Street early Sunday morning.

Mehdi said, according to a witness, the shooting was sparked by an exchange of words between his sister and a stranger who was stopped in the lane next to her.

“People need to learn to let stuff go. It’s sad that over the smallest thing people die. Now I know. I feel. My heart hurts for all the families, every single family out there that is missing a loved one, that has a loved one killed. It hurts,” Mehdi Laassadi said.

Police said she died at a nearby gas station where someone called for help.

Loubna Laassadi was just 25 years old.

“She loved music. She made songs. She loved to sing. She was just a joyful person. There was not one person that you did not ask about Lucy, and they would tell you she was just full of life, so happy, and always willing to help people,” Mehdi Laassadi said.

His plea is that everyone put down their guns before another life is taken.

“Just think about stuff, please. That’s what I want to tell them, man. Just think. Just think a couple seconds before you act,” Mehdi Laassadi said.

In the three days since Loubna Laassadi was killed, two others have been killed by gun violence.

“Put the guns down, please. Everybody, just put the guns down,” Mehdi Laassadi said.

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