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Light and Mag Case (D-4)


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Exotic Leather


MTR Custom Leather brings to you our Light and Mag Case combo. Our light and mag carrier is designed for comfort, preparedness, accessible and convenient. You have you light and magazine in one place that is easy to access without second loss in time of emergency. The dimension of the light is 1″ in diameter (standard).

The magazine is available for a variety of different calibers. You have the option for right or left hand carrying. This means that if you are right handed than the light and mag carrier is worn on the left side of the body with the magazine in front of the light. On the flip side, if you are left handed, than the light and mag carrier is worn on the right side with the magazine in front of the light. MTR Custom Leather custom makes the magazine to where you can carry it ambidextrous.

The pouch is designed to allow you to carry your ammo with the bullets facing forward or back. The paddle version you can adjust the ride height and you can cant the pouch forward or reverse about 15 degree. MTR Custom Leather added 2 retention screws in the center of the pouch between the light and magazine to allow for maximum retention and comfort. The light and magazine paddle grips inside the waistband, no belt needed; however, the bottom of the belt will help enable easy on and off without removing the belt. You can no longer be in that percentage of people shooting in low light anymore. Because now you have a light and magazine paddle pouch to secure each in case of an emergency.

Check out our FAQ page on more information about directional snaps and how to use them.

NOTE:  If you need more info, or would like something done differently please call or e-mail us with your custom request.

Weight 1 lbs
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