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Why NOT to buy CHEAP holsters/belts?

Why NOT to buy CHEAP holsters/belts

 elephant rig.jpg 3 resize    The belt is not sagging with the weapon in the holster. 

Keep in mind that any material pliable enough to wrap around your body comfortably, is going to stretch. Stretch a material too much or too often and it will began to lose its ductile stretch. That is why cheap holsters/belts are called CHEAP…they have to be replaced over and over.

MTR Custom Leather uses 2 pieced of leather. We then bond and sew the 2 pieces together making the leather product harder to stretch.

A solid foundation is needed when carrying firearms. The foundation needs to be set in a permanent position as well. If the foundation is not solid than the weapon will not be secure. A good leather product will lock in the weapon or the holster to the belt. The balance of your weapon and or holster will be effective by the thinner material. A good leather product will help minimize the movement of your weapon and or holster, allowing the leather to ride close to the body and reduce the possibility of printing. These are the main factors why we make our product tight and out of heavy leather. This will assist with proper conceal carry and protection of your firearm.

On the flip side, one may say why do we make your leather holsters so tight, I can’t even pull my gun out fast..after only a few days of having the holster? Reason one, how our body works. When we are under stress due to an emergency that may be occurring we have some cognitive symptoms. Cognitive symptoms are memory problems, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, seeing only the negative, anxious or racing thoughts and constant worrying. Therefore, our motor skills become depressed. Causing us to be clumsy. If our leather is loose, sagging, stretching out against the body and moves, than drawing your weapon may be a problem. However, practice and repetition of your weapon can help produce you to overcome those factors as well.

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