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“Why is it necessary for me to learn how to shoot, and especially conceal carry?”

A question that I get asked, especially by the ladies, is, “Why is it necessary for me to learn how to shoot, and especially conceal carry?”  When pondering these important questions, most conclude that, “… being a victim of a crime will probably never happen to me, so what’s the big deal?”   Let me relate a story about something that just recently happened to a friend of my family that had a far smaller probability than someone being involved in a violent crime.


My friend’s daughter bought a raffle ticket to support a charity.   Tickets were sold internationally and the big prize was a car.  I can’t tell you the odds or probability of her winning the car, but we can all imagine that it was, needless to say, very small.  Well, as luck would have it, she actually won the car!  When my friend called us on the phone, we could immediately tell that he was very excited about something.    He told us about his daughter’s good fortune, and then said, “Who would have ever thought that this could have happened to her?”


Agreeably, the probability of a woman being a victim of a crime is extremely small.  According to statistics, women between the ages of 18 to 24 are the most likely group to be targeted in some type of crime, whether it is violent or not.   Even though the rate of violent crimes, according to FBI statistics, has decreased from 1 person out of 140 in 1994, to 1 person out of 271 in 2013, one must not lose sight of the fact that it just could happen to you.  I’m not suggesting we should all walk around in fear, but I am saying that as responsible people, why not be prepared for that “unfortunate” situation?


Of course, there is an equally valid reason, besides being able to defend yourself and loved ones, to learn how to safely own and shoot a firearm.  The obvious reason is that it is fun and demands some degree of skill to be good.  Probably 40% to 45% of my clients are ladies, and that percentage seems to increase every year.  I’ve heard some say that women are inherently weaker shooters than men. I absolutely do not agree; and in fact, my best students have been ladies.  Some of the ladies have told me that they have formed a “get together” where they meet at the range to shoot, and then go out for lunch after their session.


In closing, there are many good reasons to learn to how to safely handle and shoot a gun, some of which are discussed in this article.  The best reasons, however, are the ones you choose.  So go out there and learn, improve, and enjoy the shooting sport.


Mike Hirsch

Missouri Personal Protection Academy

June 6, 2016


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