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Jeff Kilgo

Just wanted to pass along that I received my MTR custom Glock 30s holster and mag carrier Friday…and so far I’m very pleased.  The extra room for the Crimson Trace Rail Master laser appears to be just the ticket.  I’ve been playing around with the setup to make sure the laser doesn’t inadvertently get activated when I holster my 30s…I’ve discovered that there is a certain way that I have to position the gun when I place it in the holster to keep from activating the laser…which is no big deal.  I’m also happy that you recommended the A2 Dual Carrier model…I can see that I’ll use this rig equally in both configurations…I really like that I don’t have to remove the clips to carry OWB.  I really appreciate your willingness to accommodate my custom request and also the quick turnaround on my order…I’ll definitely put the word out on your company and will keep MTR in mind for future orders

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