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Leather Knife Strops


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Details:MTR Custom Leather has some scrap belt ends that are great for a knife strop. However, there is nothing that has been done to these knife strops. They are natural double layer thick leather that has been glued together.We do also have single layer pieces of leather as well. We you come to check out, there will be a comment box where you can include if you would like a single piece or a double piece.

Why use a knife strop: Once your knife has been sharpened, than it can be taken to the leather strop to help align the edge and helps the knife cut better. This are the final step in sharpening your knife.

How to use a knife strop: Take your pre sharpened knife and go back and forth, alternating the sides of the knife. While pulling the knife towards you with the blade facing away from the direction you are pulling.

Testing the sharpness of the knife: Take your knife and  slice a piece of paper in half. If the knife slices the paper like a razor blade than you have succeeded the task, if not than go back to the leather strop and begins the steps over until you get the razor sharp blade.

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