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Deluxe Double Quick-Snap Mag Carrier (A-3M)

Deluxe Double Quick-Snap Mag Carrier (A-3M)

The Deluxe Double Quick-Snap Mag Carrier is similar to the Double Quick-Snap (A-2M), but has 2 directional military snaps on each strap. The holster is made to match the colors of belts and holsters we offer. The straps on the Deluxe Double Magazine Quick Snap can fit a 1½” width gun belt or 1¾” width regular belt.

  • Durable
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread
  • Form Fitted to Each Specific Ammo Magazine
  • 2 Directional Military Heavy Duty Snaps on each Strap for double the protection


Shooting Hand *

Color *

Check out our FAQ page for a chart of the color selection. Also, check out our gun belts for the color.

Stitching Color

Wanna spice up your holster a little, or have a different holster than anyone else? Make the holster unique and custom by adding some color stitching to the front of the holster only. Each color is made with heavy duty nylon thread, to resist easy tearing or dry rot damage.


Double stitching is a second line of stitching. This will aid is better retention and long term use of the holster.

Sweat Shield

See FAQ page for description


How many do you want to carry?

Mag Type *

If you do not see your exact magazine, you can type your make and model in the comment box at checkout.

Mag Attachment *

Ulticlips and leather loops and be purchased separate on our hardware category. A paddle will come on the A-1M Double Mag only no clip. Single magazines pouches due to the size will have a metal clip no paddle. Quick Snap magazine pouches will only come with a snap.

Exotic Leather


The Deluxe Double Quick-Snap Mag Carrier is one of our newest designs for your extra mags. This mag carrier is designed for the user that abuses his/her rig and wants the heaviest duty rig that we offer. This mag carrier has two snaps on each side (total of four snaps) like our A-5 and A-7 holsters. This mag carrier is a perfect match for the A-5 and A-7 holsters and will stand up to the test of time. Try one of our Deluxe Double Quick-Snap Mag Carriers today. The leather belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gunbelt(2 layer) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer). The A-3M mag carrier fits very snug to the waist. The A-3M Deluxe Double Quick Snap Mag Carrier is easy for re-holstering each mag with one hand and in one single motion. The A-3M is equipped with heavy duty nylon stitching to help reduce any tearing or dry rotting of the stitches. Only the best top grain leather is used for this mag carrier. You can count on this mag carrier securing your spare mag in place. Each A-3M mag carrier is hand molded to each mag of choice, ensuring a nice tight glove fit

NOTE:  When ordering pay close attention to the RH (right hand) and LH (left hand) option.  Our mag carriers are made with the bullets facing forward. Some people carry their mags different. Example (RH means you’re a right hand shooter and the mag will go on the left side with the bullets facing forward).  If you carry with your bullets facing backward simply choose the opposite hand you shoot with and the bullets will be facing backward while wearing your mag carrier on the opposite side of your weapon. Example (choose LH if you are wanting the bullets to be facing backward if you are right handed, since these Paddle Mag Carriers can be worn virtually anywhere on the belt.

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Exotic Leather

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