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New Weapons for Aug 2015…Take a Peek

New weapons for Holsters Aug 2015..See if your Gun is Listed…


Here is an up to date on some new weapons that we are offering to fit our holsters.

H&K P30SK Compact

Redhawk all barrel lengths

Steylr L9A1

CZ75B Compact

Colt Detective Special

Sig 320 Carry

Sig 320 Custom Compact

CZ75 97BD

H7K VP40

Beretta Cougar 8045

FNP 45 Tactical

M&P Core 4.25” and 5”

Bear Cat (old model)

Brigadier Tactical

Taurus Model 608 4”


Ruger GP 100 4”

S&W M&P R8 5”

FNH/FNX 9/40 Compact

S&W 329PD 4”

FN 5.7 Gen II


If you do not see your weapon than please call or email to see if we can get that weapon to make a mold for a holster for you.




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  1. Thu Burts says:

    Thanks that is what i was looking for!

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