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Viridian E Series Laser Sight- We make holsters for them all

Viridian E SERIES red laser sights are essential for the everyday conceal and carry owner looking for an affordable price-point. They feature the most powerful red laser available and delivers rapid target acquisition when you need it most. With ambidextrous, button activation and a range of 25 yards in daylight and 1 mile at night, the E SERIES is the essential laser sight for your handgun.

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2 comments on Viridian E Series Laser Sight- We make holsters for them all

  1. Don Rankin says:

    Hi, I’m looking for OWB Holster for Springfield Hellcat OSP with Viridian E series laser. Please contact me with info. Thsnks.

    1. MTR Custom Leather says:

      Yes, you can order your weapon straight from our website. (instructions for desktop view) If you go to our website and click on the SHOP tab at the top of the page. On the right hand side you can click on the desire carry option category that you like (OWB/IWB/ETC). There you will find multiple holsters. Click on the one you like and there you will find multiple options for the holster. Under gun manufacture, scroll down and you should see your weapon listed there. (if you do not see it worded exactly how your weapon is listed, don’t worry. At checkout there will appear a comment box. There you can type your exact make and model and any other info) Under attachment (laser/light) you should be able to find your laser model listed there. Or under RMR/Red Dot… you can type in your optic in the grey box under “Yes”. Under aftermarket sights you can type in the grey box “Yes” you can type in your sights.

      If you need any further help with your order, than please feel free to give us a call at (336)879-2166. We can also take your order by phone!

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