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Hello world!

MTR Custom Leather, LLC was founded in 2009, and has been providing quality leather holsters and gun accessories to the public ever since. Located in the community of Coleridge, NC and in the city of Ramseur, NC does all kinds of awesome things for the Coleridge community. Our goal is to please our customers with the best quality and customer service! MTR Custom Leather hopes that you will enjoy this blog filled with important information regarding our products, gun news, gun rights, conceal carry news and much more! Thank you for joining us!nra president 1

(Left to Right)

Matthew Rector (Owner), Stephanie Rector (Owner), Wayne LaPierre (President of NRA)





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  1. Keith says:

    I’m so glad that things are going so well for MTR. Being an avid user of MTR Leather I don’t have to say a word. Your products and quality speak for themselves. Keith

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