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(GB-11) Custom Scalloped Design Gun Belt

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The Gun Belt is made from either premium Bull hide leather and is ¼” thick or horse hide. Ideal for carrying side arms and accessories, this belt consist of a huge amount of work to ensure that the belt, edges, and the durability are of the top most quality. We only use solid brass hardware on all of our belts, thus creating the most durable duty gun belt money can buy. The belt buckle is held together by 2 chicago screws. The custom hand-tooled scalloped border design adds a nice touch to the gun belt. The designs helps to throw off people, making people not think that you are wearing a conceal carry gun belt. Each little scalloped design is one hit from our professional leather craftsmans. MTR Custom Leather dose not use any embossing machines. Everything design is hand tooled. If you are looking for something a little different than your average gun belt or conceal carry belt, than this is it. This gun belt makes people be wow about your belt.



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