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Be Different, Try Color Stitching on Your Next MTR Custom Leather Product

MTR Custom Leather offers something that no other holster manufacture offers. Want to be different? Want something that nobody else has? What about a holster that nobody has ever seen before? CHOOSE, color stitching has an option on your MTR Custom Leather products.

By choosing a color option to your leather product, really brings a spark to the leather. It’s the WOW, factor when someone see’s the leather product. See for yourself the pictures below. However, the pictures still dose not do justices, for how it looks in person.

blue-on-black green-on-black red-and-red red-on-black red-on-mah img_0157 img_0218 img_0238 img_0252 img_0254 img_0262 img_0272 img_0347


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