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Advantages of Carry in the Pocket “5 A’s”



Everyone wants A’s on their report card right? Well why not for carrying your weapon too? The 5 A’s can help you decide whether pocket carry is right for you. There are many ways to carrying your weapon in a pocket. Whether you carry in the back pocket, front pocket, jacket pocket or a cargo pocket, it’s all an excellent way to guarantee you have a weapon when you need one. Just remember the 5 A’s when considering carrying in the pocket.

The 5 A’s for Pocket Carry:

  1. Acquainted Routine-Most everyone has pockets and carry things in their pockets. It’s a natural regimen to stick your hands in your pocket, or grab things from your pocket or even rest your hands in your pocket. Your average person would not think of a weapon being in your pocket these days. Due to most people have cell phones that are larger than a small 380 or 9mm weapon. With that being said, there is not much discomfort when carrying a weapon in the pocket because one is already use to carrying large things in their pocket. When one gets into a routine of carrying a weapon in the pocket, one never remembers that there is a weapon in the pocket, it’s too familiar.
  2. Awareness is at ease and concealment is easy-When carrying in the pocket, one of the greatest advantage is that the weapon is not noticeable. The mind is at ease when you don’t have to worry about your weapon showing. A lot, of people stress when carrying a weapon in certain places due to they’re afraid of their weapon showing when they move or sit. This can cause problems if you are in a situation and you need to draw your weapon. When concealing your weapon you need to be at ease and comfortable.
  3. Affordable- The price of a pocket holster is usually the same price as a descent wallet. Keep in mind that a good made pocket holster may not be cheap, but who wants to carry a $300 weapon in a $20 holster.
  4. Attire- To start with your attire dose not usually affect the clothing you wear. One could wear a suit and tie and carry the weapon in the pants pocket or jacket pocket. In my opinion, 80% of pants have pockets and 90% of jackets have pockets. So you have one less thing to worry about when thinking about carrying your weapon.
  5. Access is relaxed- As stated in the acquainted routine, it’s a natural routine to stick your hands in the pocket for a numerous of reasons. So access to your weapon may be more of a natural response to someone else. Which will make it feel more relaxing to one as well. One does not have to take about twisting the weapon a certain way to release the weapon or pressing a button to release the weapon. The weapon is easily accessible to draw, however it may not be the fastest, but it’s one of the less complicated ways.



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