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About a Customer that touched us today

One of our customer’s has really touched me the last few days. The customer sent me an email regarding the time frame on his order status. He was really nice about. I have not been feeling my best the last few days and something deep down inside told me to do something out of the normal and to joke around in the respond back to him and also tell him the position that I held in the business. Which I have never done since we have been in business. I told the customer that I was going to expedite his order and have it out to him very soon with no extra cost. The customer responded with joy and stated this:

“Oh that is so generous! I’m touched and grateful. Thank you. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia two and half years ago (two bone marrow transplants and about nine months in the hospital with chemotherapy and radiation etc…) and have been given under two weeks to live more than once since that diagnosis. Because of this, I have a rather unique understanding of how quickly time passes. Of course, there’s no way you could have know this when you made your generous and thoughtful decision to expedite my order, but please know how momentous your act of kindness was.

Even though I know that when I say “you have a customer for life”, that may not mean very much coming from someone with such an uncertain future as mine…but it is absolutely true: you have a customer for life.

I was speechless, then he responded back with another email later, which got to me again,

“While cancer and its treatment are awful, life is still sweet. I feel that we have never really left the Garden…we just don’t recognize that we are in it anymore. Our punishment is to not recognize the love and beauty that surrounds us but our salvation is that by embracing the connections we have with other and the Spirit that moves within them we become closer to God. At least, that is how I see our world…of course I could be wrong!

I think (I hope) that the amount we love our lives is up to us. If I have learned anything from leukemia it is that I get to say if I am living or dying (physically, there is no difference but emotionally there is a HUGE difference) and I have the power to recognize the love that I have been blessed with. Moments, such as receiving your email, are opportunities to be mindful of the beauty and generosity that fill this world (other things are in this world too, but I refuse to give them power…).”

WOW..words of wisdom…We decided to invite the customer down to the shop to give him a tour and pick up his order. I am very excited to meet him, very soon!


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