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8 Things Most Gun Owners Do Wrong

Eight Things that Most Gun Owners Do Wrong?

  1. Proper Holster Entire…(check out

Concealment holsters, gunbelts and mag carriers

  1. Sighting in your weapon

Must zero in your weapon

  1. Proper Ammo

Need to carry defense ammo when carrying

  1. Knowing the Law

Find out your current state laws for carrying and shooting

Check out “Deadly Force Understanding Your Right to Self Defense” by Massad Ayoob

  1. Proper training at the range

Don’t just shoot off rounds like they are free

Judgment training scenarios

Distance shooting

  1. Proper Trainer

Trained Tactical instructor with experience

  1. Use a timer

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

  1. They don’t carry




American Handgun Magazine

What Makes our Product better than anybody else?

Great question!

MTR Custom Leather offers many great variations that can be added to each product. You can design the perfect product to meet your needs. Some of the great variations that we offer are:

  1. Heavy Duty Nylon Stitching
  2. Solid Brass Hardware
  3. Grade A Leather
  4. Quality Control
  5. Re-enforced mouth
  6. Pigs skin liner
  7. Sweat Shield
  8. Exotic Leather
  9. Gun Specific                                                                                         a-8c_00
  10. Custom Hand Made in USA
  11. USA Materials
  12. Hand Boning Technique
  13. Directional Military Snaps
  14. Double Stitching
  15. Enclosed Bottom
  16. Thumb Breaks
  17. Wide Variety of Weapons
  18. Color Options
  19. Up to date with the gun world
  20. New Styles
  21. New Designs
  22. Colored Stitching
  23. Lights and Lasers
  24. After Market attachments
  25. Right and Left handed
  26. Stiffeners
  27. Great Customer Service
  28. Monthly Giveaways
  29. Meet and Greet Monthly
  30. Coupons Monthly
  31. Social Media
  32. Exposure

And Much, Much More!!


All of these items are easy to add by the click of a button or a simple phone call!!


Is your current holster, belt, mag carrier, etc have these features?


Check Out:


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